8 Best Kitchen Colors for 2020


You don’t have to redecorate your entire kitchen in order to make the room feel fresh and new. If you want to do something different with the place, you can simply repaint the walls in order to create an entirely new look. All you need is a brush and a can of paint. In a matter of hours, you’re going to have a completely updated space.

If you’re interested in changing up the aesthetic of your home, here are the best colors to paint your kitchen in 2020:

Marine blue

Marine blue is a beautiful, timeless color. It will feel more formal than a light shade, but it won’t be as moody and as dark as black. The best thing about marine blue is that it looks stylish paired with modern or traditional furnishings, which means it will blend well with any style of home. However, this shade works best with neutral colored furniture in order to allow the walls and its accessories to really shine.

Matte black

If you want your kitchen to look sleek and sexy, then you should consider painting it matte black. You can pair the walls with cabinets made of gold mirrored material for a fancier, high-end look. Or you could contrast the walls with white cabinets in order to create a more modern, monochrome look.

Pale yellow


This subtle hue will make your kitchen appear warm and cozy. It’s the perfect choice for rooms with wooden tables, counters, and shelving because the earthy tones complement the yellow. Plus, yellow shades can create the illusion of more space. If your kitchen is relatively small, yellow walls will make it appear bigger than it actually is.


Cream acts as a neutral, which means it goes well with a wide array of colors. You can pair it with cabinets and decorations made of black, royal blue, pale pink, warm peach, or chartreuse material. You don’t have to worry about whether your kitchen will appear too bland when you have cream walls because you can let your decorations draw the eye. You can spread a bright rug across the flooring or hang a colorful piece of artwork in order to add a pop of bold color into the room.

Sage green

Sage green is the perfect backdrop for your kitchen. The earthy walls will look beautiful paired with hanging plants or succulents placed on your windowsill. However, if this color is too strong for your entire room, then you can experiment with color blocking or add a statement wall. It will be the main focus of your updated kitchen.

Gold leaf

Painting your walls with gold leaf will make your house look elegant without it seeming too over-the-top. The eye-catching color will add character to your home. It’s perfect for kitchens that are filled with furnishings made of deep tone-neutrals like charcoal, chocolate brown, or beige because gold leaf goes well with warm shades.

Light taupe

Light taupe is going to make your kitchen look minimalistic, functional, and clean. The color works as a neutral shade, but it will stand out more than a cream or a super light gray. You can pair your light taupe walls with black, white, or gray stained wood cabinets. You shouldn’t be concerned about having such a neutral color palette because you can add pizzazz by using varied textures on your countertops. It will give the room more depth and detail.

Gray green

Don’t assume gray-green is going to make your kitchen appear dull. The shade can actually come across as cool and calming. You can even use the same color on your cabinets as you do for your walls. You can break up the uniformity by using different textures, such as glossy or matte countertops. You can also add a geometric backsplash in order to create a more modern style.

If you want to switch up the look of your kitchen without renovating all of your cabinets and appliances, then you should repaint the walls with one of these gorgeous colors. It will completely change the look and feel of the place without you needing to spend a fortune. Your kitchen will look brand new for a low cost!