KSU Is Very Sorry That Their Marching Band Formation Looked Like A Jayhawk Performing Fellatio


Content might be NSFW depending on what exactly you see in this marching band formation…

When you’re apologizing for accidentally making a penis formation on live-TV, you know you’ve hit a new low.

The Kansas State University marching band was attempting to depict their rival’s mascot — a jayhawk — being attacked by the starship Enterprise. Instead, they depicted a giant penis pointed toward the mascot.

The band is very sorry for this misunderstanding.

They even published a drill chart of what the march was suppose to look like.

Some people have come to KSU’s defense, saying that while in the stadium the formation looked exactly like the starship Enterprise, and not at all like a phallic member, but come on now…

Maybe next time just try an easier (or better) routine.