Kylie Jenner Shut Down Rumors That Her Bodyguard Is Stormi’s Real Dad In Just Two Words


Earlier this month, rumors circulated the Internet that Kylie Jenner’s daughter, Stormi Webster, might really not be Travis Scott’s child. Why? Because baby Stormi sure does seem to look like Kylie’s smokin’ hot bodyguard, Tim Chung, and the Internet noticed.

People speculated for weeks whether or not the rumors could be true, but they were met with silence from the Kardashian-Jenners and Chung. In fact, Chung’s non-responses even fueled the rumors, as people believed he was avoiding the question so he wouldn’t have to say yes or no.

But three days ago, Chung finally broke his silence to reveal that really, truly, he is NOT the father, so please stop asking.

While Chung’s response was well-worded and responsible, Kylie Jenner squashed the rumor in her own way, with just two simple words. She captioned a photo of her and Travis Scott together with, “Stormi’s Parents.”

Well, that’s one way to approach a rumor. Hopefully we can all be done with this “baby daddy bodyguard” nonsense and just let the family be.