Ladies, Are You Wondering Why There Are So Few Orgasms In Your Life?


Well, wonder no more, it’s because this poor woman is having all of them for you and it’s an absolute living hell.

Constantly aroused Amanda Gryce can orgasm uncontrollably up to FIFTY times a day after suffering with rare condition Persistent Sexual Arousal Disorder for over a decade. Once at the edge of despair Amanda, 24, is now turning her life around after finding love – and much needed medical treatment. However, under doctors’ orders Amanda and boyfriend Stuart Triplett, 22, must abstain from sexual contact. 

The good part though is that she’s in love. Frankly, if a woman is having 50 orgasms a day without you and she still wants to be with you then I’d say it’s real.

In the vid below she talks about how difficult the condition actually is to live with. In case you want to know more then here’s the wiki entry

image – via YouTube