Ladies: If You Constantly Rely On ‘Your Girls’ You Aren’t No Strong, Independent Woman


Feminists across the country continue to strive for the same opportunities as men in all aspects of life every single day. They argue that they are independent, and do not need powerful men to carry this nation to success. We as women have made huge strides, notably seen in the probable Democratic presidential nominee, Hilary Clinton. However, despite women’s belief and demonstration of their own self-sufficiency, it has become apparent to me that women have yet to become independent of each other.

I have always been a very independent person, rarely relying on others to accomplish my goals. Further, I also don’t mind doing things alone — in fact, I prefer it sometimes. I never quite understood why girls traveled in packs in high school; whether it was to get a snack at the vending machine or to say “hi” to a boy at the opposite side of the room. However, I accepted it as a part of high school, a time where girls have not yet built up the confidence to do things on their own.

This being said, I was extremely surprised when I arrived at college and noticed the same trends. These young women, no longer teenage girls, STILL were incapable of doing anything by themselves. Going to the bathroom was an entire production when out with friends on the weekends because if one person had to go, of course she could not walk a few feet, stand on line for a couple of minutes and take care of business all by herself! That would be ridiculous, am I right? And forget about going to get food; if no one is available to eat when you’re hungry I guess you would have to resort starvation because if anyone saw you in the dining hall alone life would be over.

Throughout my freshman year at college I have become extremely independent. If I was at a party and I had to go to the bathroom, I walked myself over to the bathroom. If I was hungry at an obscure hour, I would go get food, regardless of if any of my friends were hungry. It was that simple! I am a very social person, but I have come to the realization that some of my best moments are by myself. There is such a freeing feeling about being alone that is inexplicable. Without anyone around, I feel no restriction within myself.

Young women constantly push and argue for equality, backing their arguments with strength and self-pride. We have certainly come a long way since women’s’ suffrage, however, how can we continue to ascend if we can’t even fathom the idea of doing things without our “girls?” Perhaps if women stop being so reliant on each other, the feminist movement will become that much stronger.