Ladies, Stop Hiding Behind Social Media, And Learn Confrontation


Okay ladies, this needs to stop. We have gone from human incubators to liberated individuals, to self-deprecating social media snobs. As a 21-year-old in this generation, I have watched young girls utilize technology to bash other girls for far too long. We are better than this, and despite the obvious difficulty of adjusting to an entirely new lifestyle with the development of social media outlets and constant communication, we need to rise above the temptation to weaponize these new modes of interaction.

As someone who has dealt with the damaging effects of bullying throughout high school and college, I can relate to those who experience mass amounts of anxiety as a result of Twitter feeds and Facebook posts. These sites have made those who maintain a passive-aggressive disposition during conflict more susceptible to subtweeting and posting vague yet clearly targeted phrases that cause major internal battles for those who are the receivers of such threatening displays of public distaste.

As a result of this dynamic change, our generation has created a tense hierarchal power struggle that plays out publicly in a heart wrenching and uncontrolled manner. We are in the process of losing vital skills gained through confronting conflict straight on like those generations before us. Put down the cell phone and talk to your roommate about how her dirty dishes make you nauseous on a daily basis.

Tell the guy you’re intimate with, that you want to be exclusive. Make it clear to your best friend that what she is doing is driving you to the brink of insanity. Simply, what our generation needs to do at this point is grow a pair of balls and communicate effectively without the crutch of thumbs on a keyboard to mask our actual feelings.

This has created a lack of coherence among women and has caused us to see each other not as teammates, but as adversaries in the face of life’s many challenges. In the end, no one is winning, because we are all sitting at the bottom of the totem pole.

Come on, ladies! Stop spending so much time tearing each other down and begin lending a hand to help one another up. By attempting to rid others of everything, we are bringing all women back to the point in time when we had nothing. Counterproductive is an understatement. It is detrimental to the status of equality that women have worked so hard to achieve.

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