Last Halloween I Discovered There Was A Mass Murderer In My Family


Producer’s note: the author of this post wished to remain anonymous, but they provided links that proved the accuracy of this story.

My grandma passed away last year on October 19. Since she and my grandfather lived in Florida, it took some time to transport her ashes across state lines to Ohio (I guess there are rules for that?) so we didn’t bury her until October 31.

My grandfather has been generally quiet about his upbringing, I just know that my great-grandfather (his dad) was an alcoholic and was pretty abusive to their family.

My family is a typical Italian one, so after we returned to my uncle’s house after my grandma’s funeral, the wine started flowing. One of my cousin’s mentioned that we were related to a mass murderer. This particular cousin is generally exaggerating, so I didn’t believe him.

However, our uncle confirmed that in 1927, my grandfather’s uncle shot and killed seven of our family members in a money dispute. My great-grandmother was another victim in the incident, but she survived.

After he killed my family members, he tried to escape the hospital. He was sent to a state mental institution, where he remained until his death.

Halloween is a funny day to discover your family would be a whole lot larger if you weren’t related to a mass murderer.

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image – the_ferret