Last Night I Wrote A Letter To A Ghost


Dear Ghost,

Now that you no longer live in this physical world, you might relate to what I am about to talk about, or perhaps not. Perhaps when you crossed the bridge of life to death, the memories you lived in this life were erased once you reached the other end of the bridge. Or maybe you forgot nothing, and you are living the life you always wanted once you died. Maybe after death is when you live and fulfill all the things you couldn’t and didn’t in this world.

Before I tell you why I am writing you a letter, I want to take this opportunity to apologize to you for taking so long, almost 27 years, to write you a letter. While living in this fancy world, I forgot I didn’t need any fancy paper, fancy notebook, fancy pen, fancy cafe, or fancy lighting. All I needed to write a letter to you was a simple piece of paper, a working pen, and a candle for lighting. How foolish of me. I waited all these years for the perfect, fancy things to just write to you. I let this world get in our way for so long. It is sad to reflect on all the “what ifs”, had I written to you sooner.

But now that I have pushed aside the curtain between our worlds, I can finally tell you everything I always wanted to tell in this letter and many more letters to come. I hope you have time on your hands, because I have a lot to tell you.

I am unsure how it is in your world, but it is very difficult to understand people in my world. They are one thing in one moment and another in the next moment. I am guilty of it too. It’s like each person wears and takes off a mask as per the need of the hour. As each day ends and we walk deeper and deeper into time, I fear kindness, compassion, and love are neglected and forgotten. It is like a rope of humanity caught on fire with no hands to put out the fire. I am afraid that without kindness, compassion, and love, my world will not survive. It seems as though no one has the time to reflect on their actions. They have time to do everything in the world, but no time to sit down and listen to their thoughts, their own needs, their own suffering, and their actions affecting others around them. Everyone seems distracted by the fancy labels, fancy cars, fancy clothes, and fancy “truth.” The noise in my external world is so loud that it silences the soft music within. Everyone seems to be doing everything they need to distract themselves from what matters. I am afraid I am also getting lost somewhere in this circus, wearing off my authentic self. So, tell me how I constantly remind myself of who I am when the world keeps on distracting me. It reroutes my path every step I take closer to kindness, compassion, love, and my truth. It finds ways to divert my mind, my body, and my soul. It keeps me from being me.

Ghost, is your world like this too?

Does your world not let you live too?

Waiting to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours,


P.S. Does it get better? Ever?