Learn To Sit With Yourself


We all have the ability to turn our feelings off, but at what cost? Are we keeping busy by working too hard, partying too much, or hiding in emotionless intimacy? These behaviors, while [instantly] gratifying, are dangerously close to paths of destruction.

When we don’t distract ourselves by keeping busy or with the pursuit of “feeling good”…when we approach our lives with sober eyes and minds… We may find we live with clearer direction. We may find we are able to answer our calling, to focus on our purpose and guide others to theirs, to transform ourselves, and to appreciate what might be in front of our very eyes.

Isn’t that the beauty of being human? To experience fulfillment, the opportunities to feel all of it even the [pain], to be raw, to learn, to grow, to utilize each moment of rejection as a tool to become our better selves, to connect genuinely with one another..and on and on and on….

Instead of running from ourselves, let’s work the most on sitting with ourselves and traversing that which makes us uncomfortable…that which makes us feel.