Learn To Trust Yourself In Love


Falling in love with someone is just as much about trusting yourself as it is about trusting them. It’s easy to trust the person you are truly falling in love with because they give you no reason not to. It’s not so easy, however, trusting yourself.

It seems silly to say, but it’s easy to lose trust in yourself amidst falling in love with the person you’re pretty positive is going to be your forever person. This is not because you don’t trust them; in fact, you’ve never trusted anyone as much as you do them.

The trust within yourself comes from wanting to be perfect. This kind of love makes you want to do anything and everything in your power to avoid losing them. And sometimes that causes you to try way too hard to be a “perfect” version of yourself that isn’t really you. And sometimes it causes you to overthink even the smallest of things. You lose trust in yourself out of the fear you might lose them to not being good enough. And sometimes this fear comes from your past or from someone else.

Please remember this, however.

To the right person, you will be perfect, even in your flaws. You won’t need to try to be perfect for them because you will already embody that in their mind. To the right person, each and every piece of you is lovable. This means that no, not even your worries and anxiety will turn them away. To the right person, you are the right person, the one they want to love for the rest of their life.

So let go of that fear of imperfection and trust who you are and what you are doing. This person you are in love with is going to light up your world for the rest of your life. They are going to be your happiness, even on your darkest days. Trust that who you are is who they want to be with. Trusting them only goes so far; you have to trust that you belong right in their arms and that being who you truly are will not turn them away. This person you are in love with is going to fall in love with you and every piece that comes along with you.

Take a deep breath and push the worries away. You owe it to yourself and to them to trust in who you are and trust in the relationship.