Lesson: Don’t Shit Talk The Place That Just Hired You Like This Girl Did



This is Cella.

She’s from Mansfield,Texas and she’s become internet famous internationally over the course of last few days for being publicly fired from her job at Jet’s Pizza, a job she hadn’t even started yet, because of the above tweet.

Sure, all of us have days when we think the same way if we’re lucky enough to have a job but not everyone goes to Twitter about it. In this case it backfired, big time, when the owner of Jet’s Pizza came across or was tipped off to the tweet and responded.

Cella, perhaps thinking it was necessary, then tweeted out that she was fired which everyone had presumably already seen. She may have a felt a recap was in order.

And like that, at 11:43 PM last Friday, Cella was fired and the internet became divided into two camps, pro @Cellla and pro @Robertwaple. Cella’s crew thinks Mr. Waple was unprofessional and had no right to fire Cella for what she does in her down time, such as tweeting publicly that she thinks her job is $hit, and #TeamWaple believes you should shut up.


Then, the internet fame began to kick in. At this point she’s been greeted as a star by people from a half dozen countries and gained circa 1,400 followers.






And she didn’t even want that job anyway.

But Mr. Waple thinks she’s fronting.

Fronting or not, one thing is for sure, they’ll be plenty of time for this now.


Jet’s Pizza’s Yelp page received a couple of poor reviews, both stemming from the Twitter firing, but the rest seem to be nearly universally positive.

And Bum ass Billy’s got her back.