Let 2017 Be The Year Of You


2017 is going to be all about you.

This is the year you stop seeking for love outside yourself. Where you no longer hope to find love in the arms of a lonely soul. Where you don’t hold another responsible for your own happiness. Where you cease to find validation in another entity be it a person or a possession. Where you cast away the thinking that you’re not good enough and deserving enough to be loved.

2017 is going to be the year you realize all the love you ever want resides inside yourself.

You can be your own best friend and go on exciting adventures and self-discovery journey. You can be your own cheerleader and loudly root for your successes and milestones. You can be your own soulmate, cherishing your time alone and filling your whole heart with nothing but love.

You will explore and yearn to uncover every undiscovered part on Earth. You will learn and absorb all of life lessons eagerly. You will love and see the beauty in all your strengths and accept every flaw of yours.

2017 is the year you live fully in the present.

Where you slowly unclench your tight-fisted fingers and allow things to fall into place. Where you calmly inhale and exhale without the incessant need to control every waking moment. Where you bravely toss away the limiting belief of the past and look forward into the future.

This is the year Where you kiss new lover on the lips without seeing the ghost of old ones lurking in the background. Where you reconcile old bitterness and hatred with forgiveness and peace. Where you come to terms with the losses you’ve faced and understand that they don’t define you or make you any less of a person.

2017 is the year you stop being a victim of fate and circumstances.

When faced with obstacles, you’re not going to bow down to defeat with resignation.

When life creates havoc and gives you storm, you’re going to be your own sunshine and look for the rainbow after the rain. When the universe takes away the reason for your smile, you’ll look for infinity more reasons to be happy. When you hit rock bottom, you’ll continue to move and hustle until you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

2017 is the year you step out of your comfort zone and be comfortable with your discomfort.

You’ll not get complacent and continue to grow and evolve to be the best version of yourself. You’ll never get accustomed to painful reality and instead, seek to find little ways to make your situation better and get closer to your goals.

2017 is the year you decide to live life your own way.

You’re taking charge of your life and marching down the path you want to take. You ignore all the naysayers and their criticism. You stop thinking the grass is greener the other side and instead, focused on planting your own garden and making it flourish.

Nothing and no one can deter you. The only one you’re relying on for your own happiness and well-being is yourself. The only competition you faced is yourself and to beat your personal best. There is no right or wrong path. The journey you are on is going to be worthwhile. Because chasing your dreams and being yourself always are.

And 2017 is going to be worthwhile.