Let 2018 Be The Year You Finally Say ‘Yes’


Say yes to that yoga class.

The one your best friend keeps inviting you to on Thursday nights but you drag your feet because you’re ‘nervous,’ or you don’t think you’re good enough, or you’re just ‘too busy’ even though you really want to start exercising again.

I hope, in 2018, you stop being your own worst enemy and holding yourself back from what you truly want. I hope you stop giving yourself reasons why you can’t do something, or won’t be good at it, and just try.

Say yes to that scoop of ice cream.

With the extra dose of chocolate sauce because for goodness sakes one scoop of ice cream isn’t going to kill you, and living a good, healthy life isn’t about obsessing over calories or talking negatively to yourself when you stray from your diet plan.

In hope, in 2018, you’re gentler with yourself, with your body. I hope you stop criticizing yourself for every wrong move, beating yourself up over every bite and learn to celebrate the skin you’re in.

Say yes to that date.

Maybe with the gal from work, even though you know mixing work and pleasure is wrong. Or maybe that Bumble dude whose message is still sitting unread in your inbox. Or maybe the double date your friend set you up on, because why the hell not?

I hope, in 2018, you stop giving yourself reasons why you’re ‘not ready,’ or ‘unemotionally unavailable.’ I hope you stop keeping people at arm’s length, for fear of getting too close or truly letting someone in. I hope you give people chances and embrace the possibility of what could be instead of ruining a connection before it starts. I hope you choose to meet people, rather than believe you’re destined to be alone.

Say yes to that opportunity.

The one that scares you. The one that feels adventurous and dangerous, and yet, all the more intriguing. Whether it’s a trip or a job, a person or a career move—embrace the new. Go after the things that set your heart on fire and quit thinking you’re undeserving or ill prepared.

There’s never going to be a perfect moment, so I hope, in 2018, you just go for it.

Say yes to love.

Maybe that means falling headfirst into a relationship. Maybe that’s letting go of old pain and healing wounds. Maybe that’s giving someone a chance to hold your heart in their hands, or forgiving a soul of your past for the ache they inflicted on you.

I hope, in 2018, you allow warmth and light back into your heart. I hope you turn away from people who turn you to ashes and take steps towards the ones who ignite your flames. I hope you celebrate relationships and build the people around you. I hope you let your heart do a little more talking. And I hope you feel, really feel.

Say yes without over-analyzing.

Say yes without overthinking the hell out of a situation. Say yes, fully embracing the unknowns and the things you can’t control. Say yes without trying to plan months and years down the road because you can’t always have the world figured out.

I hope, in 2018, that you welcome possibility—not try to bend life to fit your rules or control the things and people around you—but instead, celebrate the adventure of not having it all figured out. And I hope, when something feels right, you take chances, you fall into the unknown, you say yes.