Let Art Change Your Life


The role of the arts is of extreme importance in everyone’s lives. We, humans, are just a small portion of what makes up this universe. When you start questioning all the mysteries that surround our existence it is easy to get lost looking for hidden meanings. However, those are questions I believe should not be ignored. That is when art becomes an escape, a solution. Through the artistic eye, we are able to have a clearer concept of who we are. Art allows us to bring our minds to life, to give life and meaning to our own lives. Everyone’s perception of reality can be different from one another. It is an extraordinary thing how similar but different we are from each other. Therefore, art serves as puzzle pieces for the answers we are so desperately looking for. Whether those answers come from questioning ourselves or the environment that surrounds us.

It is so easy to get trapped in a routinary, mediocre life. We have been conditioned to accept that lifestyle as the “normal” lifestyle. For some, it works. But for others, it will leave them feeling empty, feeling like something’s missing like they should be doing more. Those people, people like you and me, run the risk of dying whilst still living. They know in their core that they have magic within them to offer the world, they crave a happiness that cannot be obtained from money or regular jobs. They see the world in a way not many people understand, and if they do, they might be too scared to come out.

If you are one of those, I beg you to please share your art with the world. You are art yourself, you could be the one to paint colors never seen before into other people’s minds. Whether that be through your writings, your music, your dance, your sports, your passions, your presence.

We have failed to explain to our kids that art is not merely an escape from reality, but instead, art serves as a vessel to the reality of many people. Creativity is key to success in every aspect of a person’s life, and yet its importance has been devalued due to conventional beliefs.

Just imagine a world where everyone was able to do what they love and at the same time accept and celebrate other people’s accomplishments. A more open-minded world, one where we could celebrate and translate its beauty as well as its darkness through a blank canvas, or a piece of paper, or a stage. One where everyone’s ideas and concepts could come to life through artistic creations. A type of beauty that has the potential to connect with others, save lives, and change the world. It is time to take art seriously, to celebrate it, one doesn’t have to understand it but maybe become inspired to create one’s own. So many of our own personal struggles come from not knowing how to manifest what we are feeling or thinking so we decide to suppress that and move on. It is time to do ourselves a favor and create a life that is valuable to us. Share your magic with the rest of us, you will thank me later.