Let Him Go And Don’t Be Afraid Of Being Single Again


How many times has he upset you? For how long will you talk about that failing relationship to your friends? How many articles like this have you read and considered as affirmations to finally let him go? You know it to yourself, darling. You know you need to finally break it. But you are scared. Scared of being alone again. That’s okay, you just have to re-learn it. You just have to regain the strength and sense of independence you had before him.

Imagine how happy and strong you were back then. Imagine how self-sufficient you’d been before somebody altered your life. Think about your ardent passions. Your wild dreams that pushed you to live with an aim even on your own. Remember every wonderful thing you had before he came to your life.

Take them back. Take them back in lieu of him.

Don’t sugarcoat it with love. Yes, I know you love him. You love him unconditionally. I know you are willing to wait for him to change. Or perhaps the length of time you’ve been together isn’t that easy to end, and you’ve just invested so much for that relationship. But the question is, is it still worth the endurance? The wait? I’m telling you, the longer you stay, the more time and investments get squandered. So let go.

He is not worth it.

Say it a hundred times.

He is NOT worth it.

Stop convincing yourself he is. Because the man who doesn’t take care of a woman’s worth doesn’t deserve to have a queen like you. Has he cheated on you? Taken you for granted? Is he not doing any manly effort for you anymore? Is he annoyed with your clinginess? Or, is he that man who demands so much from you that you feel strangled? Does he make you feel like you’re not supposed to pursue your own dreams? Be with your family and friends sometimes?

Whether he is the apathetic or the suffocating boyfriend, if you feel the need to give him up, give him up.

Because it’s better to be single than be with someone who doesn’t love you back and even hurts you. It’s better to be ridiculed for being alone than for being stupid.

Appreciate your life. It’s created uniquely that it doesn’t become more beautiful if it’s adorned with somebody else’s, because it’s magnificent per se. Its worth doesn’t get higher or lower as it has no measure at all. And mostly, it never depends on your relationship status.

You are wired to live joyfully even without the aid of romantic love. And that kind of love will just knock on your door when you’re ready. When you realize that you don’t really need it. It will come along with the right man, not anymore a jerk. And you will have learned that it’s you who completes the puzzle of your life by the time you welcome it again.

You simply deserve the best kind of love. The one that’s genuine, unconditional, lavish.

So don’t be afraid of being alone again.

Choose independence over a relationship that hurts and makes you feel like you’re actually lonely.