Let Love Make You A Better Person


Let love make you believe. Despite the suffering and brokenness, know that there are people who still hold on to hope. The goodness may not always be seen in the surface, but it will always find a way to emerge and overcome pain. It’s hard to find the good when you’re stuck between different battles, but when you are beaming with love for yourself, for your significant other, for your family and friends, it helps you to look at the world in a different light.

Let love be the most influential force in your life to make you and those around you, better. The kind that makes you share what you possess because you don’t want to see the people around you be deprived of what they deserve. Have a heart big enough that it influences other people to touch lives as well. It’s too often that the little things in life are ignored when it should be the most appreciated.

Let love make you soft like how you should be, but hard when you need to be. The one that pushes you to forgive the people who have hurt you, but does not fool you to give chances to those who are not worthy. Mistakes are inevitable but do it too many times and it becomes a choice. It’s important to know who to keep and who to set free, because at the end of the day, it’s you who will feel the joy or the pang of sadness.

Let love fill you with excitement that makes your heart beat faster than normal. It’s good for the soul to have something to look forward to. Making plans, enjoying the moment, and reminiscing what happened during the day or night —these are three of the best things done with people you love dearly. Time is not meant to be wasted and places to be unexplored.

Let love leave no room for lies and doubts. It should be the kind of relationship that makes you look at the person highly and respect him for respecting you. The worst thing you can do to a person is to break their trust, and leave them with an aching heart and a mind spinning out of control. It’s important to have a strong sense of self-worth, but any relationship — whether platonic, romantic, or familial — has the power to destroy it through lies and doubts.

Let love heighten your emotions. Whether you like it not, some things become a big deal even if it shouldn’t be. But just as much as you are aggravated with petty misunderstandings, the small gestures have the ability to make you ridiculously smile and turn your day better. Both negative feelings and positive feelings deeply affect you when the person matters to you.

And lastly, let love remain fierce. Never forget to keep maintaining and strengthening what you have; because when you’re holding a great thing, it’s your responsibility to treasure it unless you want to regret for years. A love, whether platonic, romantic or familial, should be real, passionate, and long-lasting and never mixed with a tinge of mediocrity.