Let This Be Your Possibility


the possibility. possibilities. the possibilities are endless. the day is open and i can hear the rain as it washes over everything.

the week has not yet unfolded. it is tiny moments, all infinite and fine. all enticing. all hopeful. all full of wonder. it is sun up, sun down. sun up, sun down. seven times over and each its own kind of awakening.

the month is still made up of things yet to come and the year, oh the year is as open as anything. windows, skies, gaps in teeth, wide arms. eyes in the morning. the space between the freckles on your shoulders.

everything is spilling into the unknown like trickling water. each drop building and building until it is more great expanse than lingering aftermath. more live-wire ocean than mud puddle.

do not let doubt fool you. it has tried and it will try again.

(it is an intricate illusion.)

do not let uncertainty move you. it will come and go. it will black out everything if you let it. if you let it, it will devour.

do not let fear deceive you. it wears many faces, and most of them resemble your own.

it wanders everywhere. takes up space or wears the clothing of sheep. sneaks up. nestles in. waves in anxiousness. makes friends with sadness. seeps through defenses.

it is treacherous.

it is either the gasoline or the match. the heaviness of something foreign, or the quick spark that lights a fire.

let fear be the whisper in your ear. let it be the rumbling engine that propels you. let the day (let everything) unfurl around you like brilliant stars. each their own molecular universe bundled into one singular pressure point.

the possibility. possibilities. remember, the possibilities are endless. the day is open. the month is open. your life is still open, open, open.