Let Your Truth Roam The Streets Hungry


Let us not censor today, or any day for that matter.

Let us tell when we are wronged, cry when we are hurt, shout when we are loving.

Let our tears fall like rain onto the red hot tundra of this earth unapologetically.

Truth needs to make it through all the cracks we build in a world that is afraid to be vulnerable.

Scream the makings of your blood to the moon and the yellow sun and do not ever stop to ask, “Can they handle it?”

Can the world handle you with your red heart beating open?

If it cannot, they may stick their heads like ants into the ground by their own will.

You are here to shout the juicy joy that falls from your lips–rid the walls, and let your truth roam the streets hungry and feverish and chase away all who have not tasted the vulnerability of their own hearts.