Let Yourself Surrender To Their Love


We’ve all been there. You find, quite possibly, the love of your life. Someone who completes the perfect future in your head, a beautiful life partner who loves peanut butter as much as you do. Who enjoys dancing in the kitchen even if you feel like a fool and loves every inch of you, flaws and all.

We have a wonderful human being giving us everything our heart has ever asked for. But, for some odd reason, we find it difficult why they would choose us. Why they would say “I do,” to a person whose personality becomes difficult at times, indecisive, and impatient as HELL.

Questions like “how do they see a future with me when they could have so much more?” or, “Out of everyone, why me?” You’re afraid to go all-in in fear they’ll realize you’re not who they want to see at the end of the alter.

How they may realize your nose is a little big or your body is a little fluffy after enjoying a weekend of pizza and sangria.

The flaws you see and wonder how they don’t bother them to the same extent they do you.

I hope you realize how living in constant fear of this is taking away from the present moment. How you’re not giving your all to someone who clearly is.

Believe they WANT to hug your pain away and how when they say every inch of you is gorgeous they MEAN it.

Let his gorgeous green eyes trace your body and realize you are everything they want and are looking for.

Let their love cover you up, surrender your all to them, and believe it will work out.

If you hold back and it doesn’t work out, you’ll never know if that was the root of the problem. If your fears created your worst nightmare of losing the love of your life.

Let it terrify you that they’re everything you have ever wanted,  let the thought of never being with anyone else fill you up with happiness, and fall deep in love with the future you picture with them.