Let’s Celebrate Our Souls By Loving Our Bodies


Do you ever feel like we’re worth so much more than we give ourselves credit for? That we are made of stardust and the most delicate, definite articles of matter, yet here we are, existing in the mundane reality of society?

It’s easy to feel trapped inside our human bodies. It’s easy to forget who we are in the face of our human struggles in this world. Sometimes, we come along with our own forms of imperfections, illnesses, exhaustion, and negative energies that it’s a challenge to love ourselves.

Our vessels are something for us to respect and revere, yet we all spend so much time listening to the critiques of our bodies. Some of these harmful words or thoughts even originate from our own minds. That we’re too big, too small, too short, too tall. That we don’t look a certain way, that we can’t do something as well as someone else can, and that because of this, we aren’t enough.

We may feel like the mistakes have escalated, and that we are not worthy of the good things this life has to offer because, well, we’re just simply ourselves. We get so used to what other people tell us that we forget the magic that already exists within our very veins.

We ask, What’s so special about being us? There isn’t anything worthwhile about being me.

But that’s where we couldn’t be more wrong.

Yes, my dear, it’s easy to forget where we come from. It’s easy to identify ourselves as people who come with our own strew of personal and physical flaws. And because of this mentality, it’s easy for us to feel limited in our abilities to help make a difference, to help change the world.

But we must remember that we are immortal souls being carried delicately and powerfully in these temporary bodies, these powerful vessels.

This is our reminder that every time we pick on something negative about ourselves, we relinquish our power in reaffirming the positive aspects of who we are.

We are alive, but we are more than just human beings, just people. We are made of light and galactic matter, being transported by dying bodies, to live a human existence and make this physical world a better place.

Being ourselves is so special. We get this rare and timeless chance to be mortal before we move onto the next plane of existence to create our own destinies, carve our own paths, all while on this earth.

It’s possible to be spiritual even if you are not religious. Although I personally identify as Christian, I do believe that we can have a spiritual relationship when it comes to materialism and the mysticism of the universe. I am a deep lover of astrology, and in my own studies of the constellations, I have come to believe in the idea that the stars intertwine our destinies with one another as we continue to live our lives.

You matter, and you as a soul are limitless in our potential to do a magical amount of good. You are not limited in what you can do, even if it does feel like it sometimes.

So yes, we may physically have limitations when it comes to our bodies, our vessels. But our bodies are still worthwhile and deserving of appreciation and love.

Materialism and physical attraction are not the measures of success in our world. They are not the pillars that we have to strive to reach for.


Because each individual is already so unique. We are so blessed to witness the notion that every single person comes in such diverse and radiant bodies. That uniqueness is something that we as a society and as individuals need to celebrate more, especially when it comes to reminding each other of that.

So what if we’re all different? If we come in all colors of the rainbow, in all shapes and all sizes? That is our greatest strength. That is a part of what it means to be human.

This physicality of ours allows us to touch one another, to feel something, to experience sensations deep within our own complex systems of nerves and cells. It’s a powerful thing to be able to connect with others in this physical way, to love and kiss and hug and run. It’s beautiful to have flaws because it reaffirms our humanity.

Let’s not take our vessels lightly anymore. Eat that slice of chocolate cake in the moonlight, go on that sunrise hiking adventure, start counting the reasons you love your body while dancing in front of the mirror today.

You are worthwhile. Your body, your vessel, is worthy of carrying your precious soul, that vivacious spirit within you.

Let’s celebrate our human vessels by finally taking care of them. Let’s celebrate our souls by decorating and respecting our stunning vessels.