Let’s Celebrate The Women We Love For More Than Their Relationship Statuses



There are so many reasons to celebrate women and they are not tied to whether or not she has ever dated, fallen in love, gotten her heart broken, or committed to anyone at any given time. We can and should celebrate women for so much for than their love lives or lack thereof. Quite often, we meet amazing women in our lives who are great people and great people to us and among the first things that cross our mind is the thought, “I hope she ends up with someone great” or “I hope she’s taken by the best” and while it is a seemingly innocent thought….it adds to the idea that women and relationships are inseparable. The idea that great women exist to become part of great relationships is flawed. Women are worth celebrating now and don’t need the title of “girlfriend”, “wife”, and/or “mother” before we decide to see how great they are and acknowledge all of the ways that they make the world a better place for us all.


Here are just some of the reasons why women in your lives are worth celebrating:

Because She Balances Well

She is a powerhouse. Let us celebrate her for how much she does at once, how she keeps so much of her world and the worlds that she feels a responsibility to together. She is a hard worker. She can hear many hats at once without as much as breaking a sweat because she understands the power of “no”. She understands when to stop and does not exert herself to the point of inefficiency. She multi-tasks as any boss should.


Because She Understands And Corrects

She values context and people. She tries to understand why you do what you do. She tries to help you understand why that is or is not okay. She knows when you need to be told about you. She corrects you in love. She is honest and skilled at delivery in her honesty.


Because She Is Brilliant and Bold

This woman has wowed you before and she will wow you again. She sees the world differently that you and she shares that perspective with you freely. She is witty, silly, bold, and right. When she debates any given topic, you are blown away again and again. She has an opinion that she believes in and will express and back it.


Because She Is Skilled

She does her thing well. She has learned the train because she is committed to the trade. She remains teachable and loves to empower people around her by teaching them what she knows. She is good at things because she does them often. She is intelligent and driven.


Because She Is Funny

She is hands down one of the funniest people you know and easily one of the stranger ones as well. She laughs at her own jokes and sometimes she doesn’t laugh because she doesn’t realize that she told a joke. She makes people feel welcome even if she doesn’t say much. She is fun to be with and that is cause for celebration.


Because She Is Spunky

She walks to the beat of her own drum, does her job in style, and adds a new rhythm and perspective to day-to-day life. She is daring and kind. She speaks her mind and is respectful of the differences of others. She lives her life out loud even if she doesn’t talk very much…except for when she wants to, then she can’t be stopped.

Because She Is Encouraging

When she believes you, you know that you will be okay. She cheers you on in the big and little things in life. She is kind to strangers and people in her life. She roots for people genuinely and makes times for friends like you. She is there for you when it matters most and just on a day-to-day basis. She’s got your back, you should be so glad.


Because She Is A Great Person/Friend

Duh. She is just an awesome person in general. You love that you know her and having her in your life just adds to your life in the best of ways. She is a good friend to you and it doesn’t matter if she is dating or not. You just like that she is who she is and that she is in your life.

Because She Is A Woman

She is a woman and is worth celebrating. She is not defined by her relationship status or whatever other expectations society used to freely place on all of womankind. She should be celebrated instead for being who she is, for meaning what she does, and for impacting the world in the way she does.