Let’s Go Back To The Place We Miss Most


Which time of your life do you miss the most? How far away is it?

Are you still living in that time that’s long past?

Would you believe me if I told you that everything that has once gone will surely come back again?

There’s nowhere to go but here, everything that passes on, will be here once again,

This is the only place in the universe where you can dream,

Everyone wants to be here, live amongst the suffering and pain, feel like gods, gods that get ill and die,

But everyone keeps coming back here to be loved and feared, to dream most, I think.

One day, far far ahead in the future, when you’re starting to forget yourself and everything about this world, you’ll come across someone dressed in clothes that resemble the people from the era you miss the most, and you’ll die knowing that what you miss the most and lost early in life, you die receiving that, you see it breathing life once again,

It’s not complicated, it’s not a miracle,

When you realize this is a more wonderful place than you had led to believe, you won’t want to die, but you will, but you know one more truth, the truth only a few realize, that you’ll be back here again, and maybe you’ll see it all once again.