Let’s Go Build Forever


He needed to stop and stretch.

I wanted to see the view.

So I climbed to the roof of the car and sat for a bit.

The mountains had snow, which was weird because it felt like spring. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Mountain air filled my lungs. Fresh, crisp. Like pine needles and clean water. I could hear the wind dance in the trees. There wasn’t a car or another building or another soul for miles.

I shut my eyes again.

Deep breath in, and another one out.

He climbed up on the roof with me.

I could hear his heartbeat, too.

I opened my eyes. He smiled and grabbed my hand.

“I’m so happy we did this,” he said.

“I am, too,” I replied.

He said, “Where do you want to go from here?”

I think my heart stopped for a minute. Where do I want to go from here? I giggled and said that that was a loaded question. He kept holding my hand and said it should be the easiest answer.

I shut my eyes again.

Deep breath in, another one out.

Where do I want to go from here?

I dug down into the deepest places of my heart. Colors flashed before my eyes. Bright, bold, beautiful colors, messy and bleeding into one another, until all at once they came into focus. And then they became the most beautiful images I had ever seen. I saw us on the beach, on the top of the roof of the car. We were still holding hands, but this time we were looking at an ocean. I saw us, standing in the sand, wiggling our toes, laughing at how cold the water was as it hit our feet.

I took another breath.

I saw us in cities I couldn’t quite name, but knew they were new all the same. I saw us on the couch, curled up together under a blanket, giggling as we watched our favorite television show. I saw a pregnant belly, and I saw a table, a big table, with lots of little faces around it. I saw older faces, too. I saw our whole lives. I saw that there was so much more for us to see.

I took another breath and opened my eyes.

I saw his face, sparkling green eyes looking back at me.

He smiled. “Well?”

I took his other hand and another deep breath.

“Let’s go build forever,” I replied.