Let’s Run Away Together


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Let’s run away together. Will you do that? Will you run away with me? I don’t care where we go. We could go to the mountains or we could go to the west coast or we could hop on the next flight leaving the country. We could grab our passports and leave these lives behind. We could pack our bags or not. Does it really matter what we bring with us? All I need is you. I can meet you in the city, in a cabin, at a dive bar on the other side of town. Together we’ll figure it out. We’ll find our way.

I want long train rides through the countryside and drives together on abandoned roads. I want cityscapes and mountain views. I want to drink too much red wine in a crowded place on a Friday night and to taste the whiskey on your mouth after drinks next to the fire on a slow winter evening when no one else is around.

I want to walk through strange streets in cities we’ve never been before where we confess our greatest sins and I want conversations that last long into the night in cafes and bars and beds and hardwood floors and the places we find to reveal our biggest truths. I want to break the rules and blur the lines.

I’m tired of the slow malaise of weekday afternoons, stuck behind screens and desks all day, bullshitting with strangers with the same old ‘how are yous’ and ‘yeah, that’s fine.’

I’m tired of pretending, of waiting, of afternoons thinking too much about what could go wrong. Everything could go wrong and I think we would still be alright. We would be alright because it is you and it is me and together the possibilities between us are endless.