Let’s Stop Being So Judgmental, You Have No Idea What They’re Really Going Through


So this is a space where I choose to be completely and utterly forward with my audience. I want them to feel something when they read my writing. So here I am again, unfiltered, outspoken and vulnerably honest. Always.

What I’m about to talk about really gets on my nerves, even ask my mum. I’m not sure if I’m the only one who notices it or if it’s now the ‘normalised’ way of being. Either I sure as hell haven’t cottoned on or I’ve just got my head turned the right way. After you read this, you decide.

Lets start. It’s impossible to know someone’s life better than that person. So, I will never understand how someone can judge someone’s life and talk about it as if they know it. Reality check: you don’t.

Who are you to call shots on why Jason decided to move schools or why Stacey doesn’t like pickles? That’s ridiculous. Why can’t you focus on your own life?

I can tell a lot about a person by what they choose to see in me. That meaning, if you’re going to ask me who I’m dating instead of how I am, you lack the basic respect to be in my life. I don’t do those types of people and I’d like to make that clear. It throws me off. It shows you couldn’t care less about how I’m feeling… you’re more intrigued by who I went home with after the club. Get out of town.

Today’s society see’s us talking more and thinking less. The essence of a real and meaningful conversation with one another has vanished. But where to? Instead, we are choosing to make sense of one’s life by creating unnecessary drama. Isn’t it exhausting? People are very satisfied with the bullshit they hear and they’re only curious for the sake of it. Sometimes I wonder why suicide rates amongst teenagers are so high these days?

True, maybe I have a big heart and care about tons of people but hey, they’ve earned their place in my life. But more on topic, I’m honestly concerned with the distorted level of ignorance some people carry.

So, you over there Sharon, say you swear that girl has slept with heaps of guys and is never going to find a guy who respects her. But Sharon, have you had a conversation with her or made the effort to get to know that girl? Or are you just too intoxicatedly in love with what she does on a daily basis? Hey actually, does she even sleep with guys or is that just something you heard? Nah actually, who really cares if she sleep with guys? Indeed Sharon, you just spread false information of a person you know nothing about. See, absolute bullshit and I’m tired of seeing it.

It’s so easy for me to help others and feel hurt when they’re hurting because I seriously want people to be happy. But when that same level of integrity and consideration isn’t returned or when they don’t see how their lack of caring is hurtful, I turn away.

Don’t ask me stupid questions because you have no right to stick your head in my life. I think it’s absolutely pathetic that people feel the need to make up assumptions and try to find out the juicy gossip of people’s life. Cause I’ll tell you what’s even more juicy, a person who can talk about why they wear the same sweatshirt every day, why they like the colour purple, their ambitions to conquer the world and a person who is happy to know how you’re doing. That’s what I want to hear, and that’s what I’ll continue to talk about for as long as I live.