Let’s Talk About Kanye West


Kanye West shocked the world with his new and bold support for Donald Trump.

In my opinion, Kanye West is a very complex figure. He is not what you think he is.


You can’t honestly judge a man you’ve never met, nor shared a conversation with. We forget this all of the time. We think we own celebrities or that they are here to serve us.

We tend to subconsciously portray famous people as our restaurant waiters. “Bring me what I want, because the customer is always right.”

I have personally had thousands of thoughts about Kanye West over the years. And the truth is, I find his ego to be an expression of extreme arrogance. That his thought process seems to be too sporadic to be taken with much seriousness. And that his self-proclaiming title of being a “God,” is just repulsive, to say the least.

But, there is also something about him that I can’t describe. His mindset is definitely not common. His ego appears to be doing himself harm and yet, also justice.

It can be said that the way he loves himself so much is an ugly quality, but in a way, it also is inspiring to the potential that we can love ourselves.

I digress.

Regardless, Kanye really went the extra mile this week:

We already knew that Kanye supported Trump, but not like this.

When I first saw this tweet, I just chuckled. I honestly don’t care who Kanye supports and it does nothing to alter my day-to-day experience.

I knew people would get angry because these days, as I’ve written about before, anything related to Donald Trump gets people riled up. Whether it be about his harsh words from the past, or just saying his name.

Similar to uttering the words “Mufasa” to a newly throned, Scar.

But then I saw this tweet.

“Kanye loves Trump. He loves everyone.” Ok. Hmm. I sat back in my chair and wondered why this tweet was really standing out to me. In like a spiritual-type way.

I realized after much thought that Kanye actually had an extremely valid point. (Minus the dragon-energy part. Can someone please explain that to me?)

He tweeted about loving someone. That someone, being the most controversial figure of our time, but the act of loving him.

Don’t lose me just yet.

I don’t think Kanye West is actually all that crazy about Trump. I think he’s trying to prove something. (Other than also gaining attention to sell his album which is obviously an aspect of it)

Kanye seems to be going through the mental realization that everything we do is rooted from either Love or Fear. Something I’ve also written about before.

For the record, I did NOT vote for Trump. I am a left-leaning progressive and disagree with almost everything he stands for. But I live in a very conservative town. There are good people who invite me into their homes, who love and treat others with respect, who voted for Trump. And everyone that I talked to who did vote for Trump, were turned off by his rhetoric and were displeased by it. But they tell me they were also turned off and terrified by Hillary Clinton, and that they felt they had no choice but to vote for him.

They did what they thought was right.

So, I think it’s now an important time to remind you, that there is a large number of people who supported Donald Trump in America right now. They are your neighbors, they are your doctors, your firefighters, your cops, your fellow human beings. I would also like to remind you, that not all of those who voted for Trump, are racist, misogynistic, white supremacists.

Yes, I acknowledge that there is a fringe group of disgusting people who felt re-born with the election of Trump, but the media has successfully failed you into thinking that Trump’s base, is even predominately that. Something is really happening in America right now and it’s empowerment. Women, minorities, the working people of this country, heck I guess even white supremacists, are starting to feel empowered. Like the yin and yang, where there is good, there will be bad to greet it.

This is an energy, people. And it’s affecting us all.

So it is my opinion, that Kanye is using his mild support for Trump, to showcase to everyone who is hating on him and reversing their fandom, the direction their heart and attention if focused.

A mirror to their character, if you will.

By shaming Kanye West, you’re shaming the other side. Separation and hatred is the emotion that co-authors the out-lash for Kanye West right now.

Love is the absolute worst thing to argue. Hence why I think, Kim Kardashian tweeted that Kanye is ahead of his time. Because honestly, most people don’t know this yet.

Again, and I want to reiterate. You have every right to extremely dislike Donald Trump and what he stands for. As do I. He is not an ally in civil rights. For African Americans, for Hispanics, for Native Americans.

I’m a minority, I marched for Standing Rock.

I know the struggle, man. I know.

But for God sakes, he’s right about this, below:

Kanye is right. We need to start listening to each other. The only way that I see us truly transforming this country for the better, is by coming together and putting our differences aside. By choosing love and understanding, rather than hate, and separation.

Do you remember this SNL skit?

I loved this sketch because it showed that we as people have WAY more in common than we have in differences. That there is a world we can share together without antagonizing the other side. I’ve read every opposing view about this issue I can think of, on Twitter. And I know already this article will disappoint people. We can agree to disagree but at the end of the day, I really hope hatred is not how you feel because we do not share the same opinion.

If that’s the case, something is really wrong here.

And to be honest with you, there has been a deliberate push to keep us apart as a humanity. It’s so fricking obvious. They want us to hate each other so we can never unite as a people. The media knows it, it’s in their playbook.

Kanye seems to get this and, in my opinion, he’s trying to bridge the gap. And I think that is his true intention here. Not to piss people off, or because he wants to make America great again…(Eye roll)

But because I think he has a positive, heartfelt point with all of this. After all, he is a human being. Just because he is filthy rich, and has a huge inflated ego, does not mean that he does not possess love in his heart.

And if you disagree, imagine for a moment that I was right. That one man who is trying to do good, by following his heart, is greeted with all this hatred and backlash by those that just don’t understand what he’s trying to express.

Sounds awfully harsh, doesn’t it?

Sounds a lot like a man who was antagonized and killed trying to share love with his heart for all of humanity…. I believe his name was, Yeezus?

Ok, I’m joking.

But we can do better than this.

Meditate on that, my friends!