Let’s Talk About Love


Love has a way of finding you. When you least expect it, when you think all is lost, love will sneak its way into reminding you that life is worth living. Even when you feel as if chaos surrounds you, there will always be someone, a moment, a sight that will be your eye of the storm — or better yet, the complete calmness that your soul craves.

Love surprises you when someone doesn’t let you leave their house without a jacket on because it is too cold outside, when someone goes out of their way to please you, when someone doesn’t turn off the car until your favorite song is over, when someone is quick to grab your hand before stepping off the curb too soon, or as simple as someone sending you a random meme that they know will make you laugh. Love flashes you in every smile, every kiss, and every night full of stars.

Most importantly, love is always there. So even if someone leaves us, the love that was once created will still be there. For some reason, we have become obsessed with heartbreak — we obsess over reading about it, writing about it, and even looking for it. We tirelessly search for the poems or the movies that will explain or relate to our pain, as if that will be the way to cease it. Heartbreak clouds our perception of life and impacts the memories that once brought us so much joy. It makes us grip into resentment where there once was bliss and love.

I’ve come to learn that change is a sign of life, and therefore people change. They change their mindset, emotions, and ways of acting. So just because someone decided to walk away from you does not mean that the love you once shared was not real. Sometimes the person you want is incapable of being the person you need. So instead of dwelling over the past we have to learn to be grateful for it, to be grateful that at one point in time we were lucky enough to share our love with someone else. Let’s appreciate all the memories made, the lessons learned, the energy exchanged, and the growth we have experienced. It is time to let go of the irrational fear of not finding that kind of love again. Because love is waiting for you in every corner and in every mirror — you just have to be open to it.

So yes, if there is anything more exciting and fascinating than writing about heartbreak, it is writing about love. Love, in any form, is that thing that makes an artist out of everyone. Love is what really heals you. It is that piece of art that only a few understand but that everyone can feel. It is necessary and it is truly beautiful. It has the absolute power to change anyone who is lucky enough to face it — it is the only emotion capable of both causing pain and remedying it.