Let’s Talk About Sex, And Not Feel Weird And Uncomfortable


Let’s talk about a topic that makes everyone feel uncomfortable: Sex.

Why is sex such a sore subject? Come on, most of us do it and know it feels good. For the longest time, I refused to talk about it because I was immature. I just heard my besties recite the same words over and over again that it would hurt like hell. My one friend even said she could barely walk for a few days afterward. After hearing that, I was really afraid of it. I had no clue how it would feel and everyone told me different things about it. Regardless, no one likes to talk about it.

According to PsychAlive, Why We Should Talk About Sex , when it comes to sex, most people tend to feel there are a lot of “supposed to’s,” as if they are supposed to perform this way or feel that way in a sexual encounter. Many people can also be critical of their appearance, viewing themselves as too old/fat/unattractive/uncomfortable for sex.

Maybe people just don’t feel confident enough with their appearance, so by talking about it, they feel judged?

I know when I reached my teens, my mother never sat me down and had “the conversation” with me. Instead, she pointed her finger at me and repeated over and over, “just wait until marriage.” And, since I never questioned anything, I listened to her. I never even learned anything about sex either.

Whenever people talked about orgasms or penises, I never said a peep because I had no clue how to contribute to the conversation. Instead of partaking in sex, I just focused on my career and studies and besides, I was waiting for marriage. Many people commended me on waiting, but others just gave me a dirty look and asked why.

I’ve heard so many different things when it comes to sex. From “your first time sucks,” “wait until you’re married” “it hurts so bad” to “just don’t do it.” But, I didn’t wait because I knew it felt right. So, when I finally did do it, it turned out to be uncomfortable and felt very painful.

Whether you wait until you’re married or have sex on a weekly basis, just be careful. Everyone handles things in various ways. But, let’s just stop feeling so awkward about sex because whether you like it or not: MOST PEOPLE DO IT!