Letter To My Ex-Boyfriend’s Future Wife


Dear Mysterious Lady:

We have never met and I doubt we ever will. However, not knowing who you are hasn’t stopped me from having imaginary conversations with you. I used to envy you. I used to be jealous of you. Not anymore.

In fact, he hasn’t met you, either. But I’m sure you are somewhere out there, waiting for your moment to enter his life, let the magic happen, and start a life with him. I know—reading something his ex-girlfriend once wrote is probably the last thing you’d like to do, but stay with me.

My path crossed his only for a few months. Time and distance were against us. We knew we would end up hurt, but we gave in anyway. It was an intense period of time, filled with strong emotions amplified by the expiration date. It was liberating. We could focus solely on the positive aspects, not caring about whatever differences might cause us to drift apart if we stayed together. And it was painful at the same time, talking about his or my future plans, aspirations, wedding, or kids, but never about ours. When the time came, we said goodbye and plunged into the blue waters of recovery.

I hope you are a strong woman. If not, you will grow into one, because sometimes he won’t make it easy on you. There will be times when he goes into radio silence and you start worrying about him or your relationship. Times when he avoids answering a question that has been burning you for days. He will be messy. He won’t exactly be a planner and he will often be late. He knows better now, so he will not cheat on you, but he will look at other women and appreciate their beauty. He won’t tell you he loves you often enough.

You will get angry, sad, and desperate, but in time you will understand. He needs the radio silence to reconnect with himself. He takes time to answer your burning question, because he wants to give you a well-thought and honest opinion. He doesn’t care about a bit of mess or accurate timing, because he is spontaneous and lives in the moment. He can’t help but seek beauty around him, because it is a part of his overall outlook on life. He doesn’t express his affection verbally, because he’s been hurt before and protects himself, but he proves his love by tons of little actions every day.

If you learn to accept him as a whole, you shall be rewarded. You will be his princess and he will be your Prince Charming. Despite having the playfulness of a little boy, he is the grown man you’ve always wanted. He loves his family and friends, enjoys his job, and knows what he wants. He will respect and cherish you. You will grow together. He will teach you to love life and enjoy the moment. He will push you to be the best version of yourself. He will unconditionally support you in chasing your dreams, but he won’t be afraid to disagree if he believes you are about to make a wrong move. He will be proud to take you on amazing dates, fulfill your wishes, and make you happy. Together you will do all the cheesy romantic things you see in rom-coms. You will have a lot of sex and it will be passionate, fun, and satisfying. He will be a loyal husband and loving father. I could go on, but I think the rest is up to you to explore.

He changed me. I’m certain he will change you, too, in the best possible way. Be kind, loving, and patient. Never let him go, because you, mysterious lady, are a lucky woman.