Letting People Go Is Just As Healing For Them As It Is For You


It’s for the best, but I learned cutting people out of your life is not just good for you, it’s good for them too.

I had a friend and we did everything together. Man, we had so many adventures. I could write a book about them all, but they would get us in trouble so I’ll keep them as stories to tell my grand kids.

But as we grew older, the fun stopped. What used to be fun became dangerous then phone calls and texts became unhealthy. I felt like we were doing more harm than good to each other, fanning the flame of situations or just being mean. So one day it ended.

The end of our friendship, was the beginning of our happiness.

I looked her up on social media (don’t lie and say you don’t check up on folks, too). I know the thing to do is to post your good online, but her good looks really good. She looks happy in her pictures. She got married, had a baby, travels. It seems the like everything worked out the way she wanted it to.

It was in that moment, scrolling down her timeline, I realized cutting myself out of her life was just as good for her as it was for me. Our lives went on in a positive direction. We are not the same kids we were when we were friends. I am happy she’s happy and thriving.

Even though our friendship is over, we have a lifetime of mischievous adventures to tell our grand kids.

Sometimes cutting toxic people out of your life is good for you and sometimes you’re also the toxic person in their life. You can still like them, root for them and be happy for them from afar.

Don’t worry about cutting someone out of your life. Don’t wonder if they will be mad or if you’ll ever talk to them again. Being apart might be the best thing for the both of you, but the negativity will just continue to fester until you cut each other off.