Life As The “Tall Girl”


Motherfucker, if you tell me I’m too tall to be wearing these heels one more time, I am going to take off said five inch stilettos, stab them through your eye sockets and into your brain. That’s what I’m thinking, that’s what I want to say, but instead I just smile a half smile and say something along the lines of “I don’t think there’s such a thing as too tall.” I’m approximately five feet eleven inches with bare feet. When I’m strutting my stuff around town in my favorite pair of black wedges I’m a respectable six foot two. So yes, I am tall. It’s quiet obvious that I am genetically gifted in the height department yet I find that most people have the need to point it out to me on an almost daily basis.

“Wow. You’re tall.” Says some random stranger on the street.

“Good detective work Nancy Drew let’s go meet up with the Hardy Boys at Mystery Lake,” says I. Of course I’ve never actually said anything like that before. My mother raised me too well. But I want too. It gets old. People like to point out what sets others apart from them and for me, that’s my height. I’m different from most girls in the fact that my legs are nine tenths of my body and that I’m taller than most guys. Most of the comments aren’t negative. Some are complementary, (because tall is synonymous with model I get that from time to time), but then again some aren’t necessarily flattering. People often tell me my height is intimidating. I’ve heard boys say they wouldn’t date someone as tall as me. Giraffe, giantess, Amazon, I’ve been called it all.

Most of the time it doesn’t ruffle my feathers. I embrace my height. I wear heels whenever I damn well please despite knowing multiple people will make some snide comment. But sometimes, I wish I were petite. I see little five foot four girls being swallowed up in the big bear hugs of their boyfriends. They don’t struggle to find pants with long enough inseams. Petite girls with dimples get called cute. I get called daunting. Petite girls get asked for their numbers. I get asked if I play basketball. Which by the way, no I don’t. Mind you these thoughts are only the ones I have in my darkest hours. There are lots of things people can do to change their appearance. Height is not one of them so most of the time I simply say fuck it. I’m tall and I love it. I’ve never had to ask anyone to reach anything for me. I can always see above the crowd at concerts and you know what, at least people notice me. I am forced to stand out because I tower above everyone else. It’s made me bold. It’s helped me become comfortable in my own skin because it’s my only choice and it’s a great conversation starter. People love to ask me my height. So yes, I am tall. I am the tall girl and I am proud of it.

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image – Sandy Brown Jensen