Life Hack: Keep A List Of 10 Things You Know To Be True


Sarah Kay, the brilliant speaker/poet/teacher in this TED talk tells us 3 things she knows to be true, (without thinking too hard). At 9:40 Sarah says that one of the first things she likes to do with new writers is to get them to write down “10 Things They Know To Be True”. She says that the exercise points out our similarities and differences and allows us to make connections and find our creativity.


So, here are 10 things that I know to be true:

1. I know that right now I am confident and content with my life. My self-esteem is higher than ever. I’m happy with how I look. I’m starting to really understand myself including my needs and my abilities. I can feel myself rapidly becoming an adult, and I love that I’m learning and changing every day.

2. I know that this is the most uncertainty I have ever faced in my life. For the first time in 21 years, I have no idea what this summer or next year will bring. I don’t know where I’ll be living, where I’ll be working or what I’ll be doing. I also know the pressure is on to figure it out soon.

3. I know that things 1 and 2 should realistically be contradictions. I’m confident and secure today, yet anxious about the future. I am happy with where I am in life, but have no clue where I will be in four months time. But, I know that both are true and it is a strange paradox to be living in.

4. I know that every person alive should be treated equally regardless of race, religion, sex, gender and sexual orientation. I know that we should all have equal rights, but unfortunately I also know that we don’t.

5. I know that I want to have children. I know that I would prefer to bear my own children. I also know that I don’t necessarily want or need to get married. I know that this is backwards compared to traditional thinking, and I know that I’m ok with it.

6. I know that casual sex is not the easy alternative to a monogamous relationship. It presents it’s own set of challenges, emotions and rewards. It does not make you a “slut” and does not mean you have low self-esteem.

7. I know that in a dream world I would be a huge Broadway star. I know that in a slightly more realistic world I would be a professional public speaker, the C.E.O. of a company, or an event planner. I know that in real life I’ll likely work at an office for a few years after school and hope that I end up in a job that makes me happy and keeps me fed.

8. I know there are certain things in life that will always bring me joy: A really good meal with my closest family or friends. Cuddling next to someone I care about. A tight hug. Lying in the sun. Massages. Being kissed on the neck. A cold drink on a sunny patio. Melted cheese.

9. I know there are certain things in life that will always make me upset: Feeling used. Being lied to. Being blown off. Being interrupted. Walking places in the rain or the cold. Broken promises. Watching my friends get hurt. Moldy cheese.

10. I know that family and friendship are without question most important things in life and should be cherished deeply. I know there are a handful of people in this world who would take a bullet for me and vise versa. I know that there will always be people who love and support me.

What things do you know to be true?