Life Is A Beautiful, Messy Thing


Many of us, including myself, are constantly bombarded with questions on how we’re doing and how we’re feeling. I find it nearly impossible to accurately answer that question at this time, as I can experience so many lifetimes within the span of 24 hours. I don’t believe that knowing how we are doing is as easy as answering simple questions or stating one feeling. Looking into our hearts proves to us that there are so many emotions and beliefs that stand together. Even emotions that are completely opposite from each other have demonstrated to all of us that life combines a million feelings into one.

Truly, life can be absolutely beautiful and terribly messy at the same time.

One of the greatest but most difficult aspects of our existence is the fact that something can exist in a perfect paradox. Something can be both so challenging, and so rewarding. Everything can exist in this paradoxical space where we experience a world of emotions within one instant.

Feelings can co-exist in this space, and we can experience a mirage of thoughts for only one concept. One of the most incredible and devastating parts of being human is that we can feel an arrangement of emotions in an extremely short timeframe.

The greatest lessons of our lives are built off of the hardest ones, and the people that we hate the most can also be the ones that we love to death. The people that we know that we need to walk away from are often the ones that have brought us the most joy. So many elements of life exist in this paradoxical space where there are a variety of seasons happening all at the same time.

So while emotionally it feels like the longest winter, spring proves to us through the blossoming trees that even seasons can carry on when our insides are dying. Life always carefully reminds us that the broken and the beautiful can exist all at the same time, and it isn’t wrong for something that hurts us to always be something that we loved.

It’s within life’s paradoxes that we find the essence of being human. Our ability to feel, our ability to be angry, our ability to cry, our ability to smile, all within the same day’s time. I don’t quite know how this is all possible, but I do know that it is simply amazing. It’s not amazing because it feels good. Truthfully, feeling everything is painful and annoying, but nothing is better than knowing that you have allowed life to move through your lungs like a strong wind.

Nothing is better than giving yourself permission to exist just as you are in each moment.

Nothing gives us more power than to willingly admit that we will let every emotion possible come into our souls, and change us.

This is the beauty of our existence.

This is the beauty of being human.

This is the beauty of life.

It is all a paradoxical, beautiful, and messy thing.