Life Is Too Short For Bad Coffee


Life is too short for bad coffee. There are only so many mornings to enjoy a nice cup. To cherish the warm feeling of that first sip and relish in the pungent aroma. Make sure it’s some damn good coffee.

Life is too short for bad dates. So make your dates exciting. Be the one to suggest going to that obscure art show that just opened. Do something that’s interesting instead of the go-to “grab drinks.”

Life is too short for toxic friends. The friends that bring you down. The friends that drain you of your energy. The one-sided friendships; the people that always take but never give. Cut these people out and focus on the friends that fill you up.

Life is too short for eating salads every day. It’s one thing to be healthy, but it’s another thing to obsess over what you eat. If you’re craving pizza, eat some damn pizza. If your sweet tooth is demanding to be known, indulge in a cookie… or 10.

Life is too short for fuckboys. Your nights are limited; your emotions fragile. You are not on this planet to be toyed around by men that don’t respect you and make you feel like shit. Move on. Find a man, not a boy.

Life is too short for being fearful. Don’t let what makes you scared hold you back from really living life. Yes, quitting your job to pursue another career may be scary, but the outcome is well worth it. Telling your friend that you have feelings for them is terrifying, but it’s better than wondering what could’ve been. Live a brave life, not one ruled by fear.

Life is too short for boring books. There’s no point in reading a book because it’s a “classic” or your friend recommended it. Reading is about enjoyment, not impressing someone. We all have different tastes. If a book doesn’t resonate with you, stop reading it and find one that does.

Life is too short for jobs we hate. We spend too much of our lives at our workplace to loathe every minute there. That’s essentially hating a big part of our lives, and is that how we really want to live? Make a plan. Quit your job. Move on.

Life is too short to hate yourself. We’re guaranteed to always have one person by our side: ourselves. It’s time to start cultivating some self-love. Do whatever it takes to look in the mirror and finally start seeing a badass person staring back at you.

Life is too short to hold grudges. People make mistakes; no one is perfect. And holding a grudge is going to end up hurting yourself more in the long run. So learn to forgive; figure out what needs to be said and done so you’re able to move on.

Life is too short not to chase your passions. Whatever sets your soul on fire, do it, even if it’s just a hobby. We spend too much of our lives worrying, being upset, and going through shitty, uncontrollable hardships to not do something we love every day.

Life is too short to hold back from telling people you love them. Whether it’s your crush or the people closest to you in your lives, tell them how much they mean to you. Send a quick text or pick up the phone; you’d be surprised how easily people can feel like they’re not important to you simply because we’re busy.

Life is too short for what-ifs. When you wake up at 80 years old, you’re going to look back on your life. You’ll either feel fulfilled or full of regret. If you’re dying to spend a year in Australia, make it happen. If you want to pursue writing as a career, go for it. You don’t want to wake up one day and think, “What if?”

Life is too short for not living out every moment to its fullest. To say “fuck it” and throw caution to the wind. Life is too short for tear-stained pillows and anxious nights. Life is about living your authentic path, lit with passion, love, and confidence.

Live your life exactly how you want to. Because life is too short to live it for anyone else.