Life Is Too Short To Pretend You Mean Nothing To Me


What’s the worst thing that could happen if you walked up to him and told him how you felt? If you finally sent that text message that you keep putting off? If you let your feelings show instead of stuffing them deep down into your chest?

Maybe you’d get rejected, you’d find out that he doesn’t feel the same way about you, and then you could finally move on. You could stop wondering what if. You could stop hating yourself for being a coward and hating him for sending mixed signals.

Or maybe you wouldn’t get rejected at tall. Maybe you’d be able to start something with someone that you’ve been wanting for weeks, months, years. Maybe you’d find the happiness that you’ve been searching the world for.

Life is too short to pretend that the people you can’t get out of your head mean nothing to you. Life is too short to keep telling yourself that one day you’ll go after that guy, one day you’ll put yourself out there, one day, one day, one day…

You already know it’s dangerous to procrastinate when it comes to your career, your chores, your schoolwork. But it’s just as dangerous to procrastinate when it comes to love.

Stop holding back. You’re dying inside, because there are so many things that you want to say that you’re too terrified to speak aloud. You’re worried about coming across too strong by admitting how you really feel.

If you call up that boy and ask him on a date, maybe you’ll embarrass yourself. Maybe you’ll end up crying your eyes out for the next week. Maybe you’ll be pissed at yourself for going through with such a stupid idea.

But isn’t that better than spending your life wondering where your path would have taken you if you made different choices? Wouldn’t you rather regret acting brave than regret sitting on the sidelines and letting the love of your life walk by?

Life is too short to wait until tomorrow. Do what you want to do today. Say what you want to say today. Tell that person that they mean something to you right now, no more hesitations.

Because, by tomorrow, they might be in a relationship with someone else. They might be ready to move to another state, another country. They might be dead. You might be dead.

You can’t rely on tomorrow to bring you happiness. Create that happiness today. Find it. Fight for it.

Because life is too short to pretend he means nothing to you.