Life Is Waiting For You To Live It


Most of us are not prepared for the responsibility of creating our lives, so we pretend that we don’t have it at all. We pretend that we are leaves in the wind, that we are victims of circumstance instead of victors of vicissitudes. We blame the nature of life for our misfortunes instead of stepping into the rich nature of our inheritance.

The truth is that life is waiting for you. Life is waiting for you to take your place on center stage; life has made you the director, the actor, and the audience. You are happening through life as much as life is happening through you.

We are the crux of this dynamic interplay that is in fact not an interplay at all, because we are both the center and the outlier; we are both the entirety of life and a spec within it. For life could not happen without those living it, and living presupposes there is some life to be lived.

And so we are charged with this immense responsibility and freedom to script our stories. From what we think to what we believe to what we feel and what we ultimately do, it is always us, putting pen to paper, dictating one line after the other, detailing where our lives will go. 

To the few among us, this goes without saying. We know instinctively with each sunrise that life has given us another fleeting moment of its time, and we feel a pang of excitement and longing knowing that we only feel sand beneath our feet because it is quietly slipping from our hands.

Life rewards the doughtiness of its daring inhabitants. It is almost as though life is looking to us to see where we will take it, what journeys we will plan for it, what discoveries we will make through it. It is as though we are a vessel for life to explore itself, and life is always pushing us in the direction of its most enticing exploration.

And in this way, living itself is both the penultimate and ultimate goal. There is nothing to accomplish apart from being the very vehicle of life, and that is all you have ever been. Every experience you have had is an experience of being alive, of existing. And that is all you are meant to do.

If that inspires a sort of nihilistic depression, then you have missed the mark by no fault of your own. To exist is a constant miracle, a miracle so close to us that we can’t recognize it at all.

So take life with you, take it wherever it wants to go, and you’ll live a never-ending adventure.