24 Life Lessons, Courtesy Of My Dog


  1. You can choose not to run to get the ball, but it’s always a lot more fun if you do.
  2. Never underestimate the value of a simple plate of food and water.
  3. Sometimes it’s all right to roll over and let someone pamper you.
  4. Never bite the hand that feeds you.
  5. Make sure you stretch thoroughly before you get up.
  6. If a loved one is sad, approach slowly, cuddle up to them and wait for them to tell you what’s wrong.
  7. There are times you lead, and there are times you follow.
  8. Never discriminate. Cats can be a lot of fun to hang out with too.
  9. The best place to nap is under the sun.
  10. There is no bigger sign of affection and closeness than a big lick to the face.
  11. It’s OK to be overly excited about things that pass you by.
  12. Wading into water is good. Jumping in is infinitely better.
  13. Pick carefully where you go to the bathroom.
  14. A good run will always improve your day.
  15. Only bark when the situation warrants it.
  16. Leftovers are always delicious.
  17. If someone enjoys scratching your back, stick with them forever.
  18. Always know how to find your way back home.
  19. Take good care of your teeth.
  20. Loyalty is priceless.
  21. Someone hurts someone you care about, you run after them and make them pay.
  22. It’s all about opportunities: you’re not there, someone else gets the morsel.
  23. Even if you’re alone, there’s someone out there that’s thinking of you.
  24. Always go for what you want.

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