Life Will Never Wait For You To Be Ready For It


Up until my final semester of college, my life always had a plan, always had a form of stability. During that time, I became more invested in the certainty and steadiness of where I was at in that point in my life that I lost sight of the things I have always desired; things that have always inspired me; things that I have dreamt about my entire life. I quickly realized I was allowing myself to settle for a life that was familiar and comfortable rather than ignoring all of the doubts in order to live my dream.

To live an adventure.

San Francisco. This city has been my dream ever since I can remember. Being born and raised a Midwestern girl, the idea of life on the west coast had always sparked undeniable excitement and wonder. I had been holding in so many emotions from my past and knew that in order for me to find my own happiness, I would have to push myself far out of my comfort zone. Even if that meant taking a leap of faith and just going for it – moving to my dream city on a whim.

I had just gone through my first real heartbreak, and those months that followed were not easy. And if I’m being honest, there’s times where it still isn’t easy. But this story isn’t just about heartbreak. This story encompasses many different things; from heartbreak, to wanting something different in life, to wanting to stop asking questions and just believing in going for what you want. I believed in starting over and I believed in chasing the dreams I’ve always believed in that I had brushed aside for so long. So, I took what I knew in my heart and ran with it. Suddenly my life didn’t seem to have much of a plan or stability, and I surprisingly liked it that way. I did start over, completely. I believed in myself, my happiness, and the spontaneous, adventurous life I wanted for myself.

I am a 20-something year old finding my way, making mistakes, and constantly growing. I have no strings attached. I’m young. I have the world at my fingertips and a life filled with adventures and memories that have yet to be made. So, why not take a leap of faith, play the game of life with my dreams hand-in-hand, and begin this new chapter in a new and unknown adventure in San Francisco? Well, that is exactly what I did. I packed my bags, and within one month I moved across the country to test my limits and explore a part of myself I had never known. Was I afraid? Absolutely. I would have been crazy not to be. But it was a fear that made me feel alive, a fear that made me feel unstoppable, a fear that has made me proud of the person I’ve become.

There are no rules in life. The only standard in life is to simply live yours to the absolute fullest. Why limit yourself to what everyone else is doing or expects you to do? You shouldn’t! And the best part is — you don’t have to. Sure there are people who like familiar and comfortable, and that is perfectly fine. But for those who seek new adventures in taking on the exciting and unknown chance with their own dreams, here is why you absolutely should:

If not now, then when?
Your dreams make life exciting – don’t let anyone or anything brush your passions aside.
Your dreams and actions help you define who you are, not how others want to you to define yourself.
You will become proud of yourself and the person you have grown to become.
You will become courageous. You will learn to stare your fears in the face and challenge them.
Everyone has their own story – you will become an inspiration to those who admire yours.
You will realize and experience amazing things that you never knew you could.
You may find more meaning and purpose that you have been searching for.
Life doesn’t wait for you to be ready for it.

So take your dreams, desires, fears, and inspirations, and run with them.