Life Will Throw You Curveballs. Take It As A New Adventure.


Just as when you think you’re getting the hang of things and you’re getting used to your routine and you find yourself coasting along life fine and dandy, the Universe – or God or fate – throws you a curveball and you find yourself right smack in the middle of a big, unexpected surprise that might possibly change your life again.

You might miss it, this big surprise from the Universe, if you’re not paying attention or you’re too preoccupied with routine or you’re too afraid to face this unexpected thing that’s happening to you. You might brush it aside, think it’s a fluke or a disruption to your comfortable existence. Or you might simply be paralyzed by fear.

But if you pay attention long enough – and it doesn’t really take much of your time and effort – you might find something so amazing and extraordinary that you’ll appreciate life more. You never know – you could be happier than you’ve ever imagined.

Because, really? What is life without taking some risks here and there? What is life if you won’t wear your heart on your sleeve once in a while (or maybe, like me, most of the time)? What is life if you won’t answer this absurd, almost reckless call from the Universe to just take that leap – go on! – take that leap of faith?

Sure, your heart may have been broken, trampled on, broken again, stepped on, cut up and shredded into pieces, bruised, and broken again and again. But that’s the thing – we forget that the heart heals, and that even if we ignore it, it stays hopeful that one day it will beat again – and maybe, just maybe, love again.

So maybe it’s wrong to be impulsive and reckless. But I think it’s also wrong and unfair for yourself to ignore the Universe when it’s trying to tell you something – when it’s calling you to pay attention to something that could possibly be life changing. Life changing isn’t always clearly a good or bad thing from the get go. It could be positively life changing now, but later on it will bring you heartache and pain. It could also be simply life changing now that would yield you a lifetime of love, happiness, and bliss. But how would you know how much life changing something can be if you ignore it?

So take that leap, take that risk. No day but today. You never know where this unexpected surprise can take you. It can be good or bad, but it will always, always be an unforgettable adventure.

image – Zach Dischner