Like Mother, Like Daughter


When my mother passed away at the young age of 48 years old my world was crushed. She was not only my mother but she was my safe haven, my best friend, and the reason I am who I am today.

After all I was her “mini me.” Everybody we came in contact with said how alike we were, and even more so after she passed away. We both had the same raspy voice, the same love for food, the same passion for the people we care about, the same sense of humor, the same eyes, the same love a great margarita, but most importantly we both shared the same desire live life to the fullest.

Just a few short months after she passed away, I came across a picture of her. In the photo she was about 24 years old. It was a breath taking image of her. She was beautiful, young, and glowing. It was almost as much didn’t change in the 24 years since that picture was taken, because in my eyes even at 48 years old she was still beautiful, young, and glowing.

I decided to take that image of her and a photo of myself at age 24, the age I was when she passed away, and I split them in half and place them side by side. I placed my photo on the left and hers on the right, I was blown away at how much we really actually do look alike. Although her photo was taken over 25 years ago, the comparison is amazing.

To me, if I could be half of the woman she was, I know I will succeed, live a happy life and I will forever see her face looking back at me each and every time I look in the mirror.