Listen To This Sort-Of-Sad-But-Perfect-For-Sunday Playlist


[spotify id=”spotify:user:1254961130:playlist:1povOzSgbLJYow1aqyI5KB” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]

I always feel a specific sort of bummed-but-hopeful feeling on Sundays. It’s like the whole week behind me was underwhelming, and the thought of the week ahead is overwhelming but maybe in an “anything-good-could-happen-and-I’m-gonna-crush-this-to-do-list-fuck-yeah” sort of way? I made this playlist (Sunday Pseudo-Sadness, if you want to search for it) with that feeling in mind. It’s almost three hours long, so let this noise play from start to finish while you do all that laundry, look at your 300 unread emails—and then lazily, semi-blissfully roll over, away from the past, so you can get up and get dressed and go kiss your future.

image –John Tyler