Listen up, Your Feelings Matter


Listen up, your feelings matter.

You may think you don’t matter in this world, that you are nothing special in the grand scheme of this Universe, and that your feelings don’t matter to anyone, even yourself.

But listen up, will you? You can’t strip yourself away from others just because you think you aren’t important.

You are important, down to the very last cell in your living, breathing body.

I’m here to tell you that it’s not too late to shift your focus from others back to what was supposed to be all along — yourself. You can’t save others when you neglect yourself. If everything else falls out of your life, you are still stuck with yourself, so you better make sure to take real good care of yourself.

Take a minute and be proud of the person you have become. Don’t wish for more or critique yourself for the things that you are lacking at this moment. During this moment, you are good just the way you are. Be proud of that. Stand bold and look your reflection straight in the eyes and ask yourself honestly, “Do I know myself?”

With this seemingly simple question, but think about it. Do you know what your feelings are trying to tell you? Your frustrations, your desires, and your dreams? Are you aware of what causes you to feel certain emotions? Do you know what drives you to get off your ass and work on what makes your heart flutter like crazy? Tell me, who inspires you to get better every single day? And if you can’t answer all these questions, you better start to acknowledge yourself and everything you are. Tell me, how you live a life without ever thinking about yourself?

Listen up, your feelings matter

Just because some people didn’t acknowledge your feelings or didn’t take you seriously before doesn’t mean that your feelings don’t exist. It doesn’t mean that you can just stuff away your emotions. Don’t numb yourself and continue to live your life like that, because what good will it do for you if you let yourself get dragged along by the streams of others?

Carve your own wave and ride it proudly

If you think your feelings don’t matter, then it means that everything you do from now on doesn’t matter as well. Then why do you wake up every day? Why do you do the things you are doing now? Don’t take your life for granted by wasting your days away. Make sure to make each one worth it.

If you need a reason to wake up every day, start to give importance to your feelings.

Decide every day to do something kind for yourself, because your feelings do matter. Save yourself the trouble of trying to please everyone — it’s not worth it anyway. Cater to yourself instead and watch yourself blossom into your full potential. Your feelings do matter.

They matter a great deal.