Literally Just 16 Pictures Of People I Find Devastatingly Hot Because I’m Thirsty


1. Ruby Rose.

Who I honestly find so attractive it overwhelms me and I have to pace around my kitchen for a second because even the sight of Ruby Rose on my Instagram feed gives me heart palpitations.

2. Tom Hardy.

Who in Inception told me to dream a little bigger and so now I dream of sitting across from him in bed and talking about existentialism and the patriarchy.

3. Ryan Gosling.

Because I’m a human being with a heart and soul and when he called Eva Mendez “my girl” I’m pretty sure I burst into a billion, thirsty, thirsty pieces.

4. Beck Holladay.

Who I know is in a relationship but those eyes turn me into this emoji: 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

5. Tom Felton.

Who has the same birthday as me and I think that’s a sign that the universe really wanted to put us together but for some reason, distance has ~ kept us apart. ~

6. Matthew Gray Gubler.

Who IΒ find fascinating and curious and interesting and I would just like to sit inside with when it’s raining while he paints and I do puzzles and we are just adorable in glasses together.

7. Chris Messina (specifically as Danny Castellano).

Sometimes you just want to argue with someone, OKAY!?

8. Eric Andre.

Who tbqh I don’tΒ fully understand my own adoration for but it’s real. So so so so real.

9. Evan Rachel Wood.

Who triggered my sexuality in 2003 and hasn’t stopped since.

10. Samira Wiley.

Who recently got engaged and I can’t even be heartbroken because she’s so stunningly gorgeous and sweet and magnetic and Ughghdhfdhsajlfdsajlafdsjlkadfsjl.

11. Jeremy Allen White.

Who seems like trouble and I’m here for it.

12. This dude reading on the Subway.

Who clearly ALSO despises wearing socks so clearly, we should date.

13. Hannah Hart.

Who is somehow the living embodiment of that cliche line from Crazy Stupid Love (perfect combination of sexy and cute all at the same time) and I don’t understand it but I’m not mad at it.

14. Evan Peters.

Who seems like he would maybe be able to give me a run for my money and I would like to try and keep up.

15. Cara Delevingne.

Because seriously.

16. This guy holding this dog.

Because he’s a hot guy holding a massive dog. *dies from too much hot*