Little Signs The Relationship Is Turning Serious


He meets me in the driveway when I come over to his place. He helps me carry my overnight bags from the car to his bedroom. He greets me with hugs. He places kisses against my forehead. He asks how I’ve been and actually listens to the answers I give.

He has cleared room in his drawers for me to leave my clothes. He has bought an extra toothbrush that he leaves in the bathroom for me to use. He has a reserved ‘spot’ on the couch and I have mine.

He has little knickknacks around the house that I have bought him. He lets me keep my period products beneath his sink. He has shampoo balancing on his bathtub that is only meant for me. Every room of the place is filled with reminders of me.

He has photographs of us around his apartment. He has some of my DVDs on his shelf. He has food in the fridge he would never touch, but he still buys it because he knows how much I like it. He has screenshots of my selfies on his phone. He has my hair in his sink.

He has given me a key to his place. He lets me help decorate during the holidays. He calls his pets ours instead of his. He keeps shows I like recorded on the DVR. He lets me ruin his Netflix account with reality shows he would never be caught dead watching.

He lets me wear his shirts as pajamas. He wakes me with kisses when I suffer from nightmares. He tells me he loves me before we fall asleep at night and when we wake up in the morning.

He knows my fast food orders by heart. He knows what tone I’m using by the look of my texts. He can accurately guess which movies I’m going to like and which ones I’m better off not even bothering with because I’m going to end up hating them.

He shovels the snow from my car when he leaves for work before me. He offers me his jacket when I’m shivering from the cold. He always gives me a taste of the drink he ordered or the fries he bought.

He has downloaded games on his phone that we only play together. He has saved episodes of shows to watch with me instead of watching alone. He always invites me as his plus-one to movies and restaurants and comedy shows.

He has memorized the names of all of my cousins and the stories to go along with them. He has my mother’s phone number in his contact list. He gets excited about holiday parties as much as I do because he already considers us family and likes catching up with everyone.

He wears the shirts that I’ve bought him. He wears the jewelry that I’ve bought him. He shows off pictures of me at work. He encourages me to spend time with his parents. He lets everyone know that we’re together. He lets everyone know that we’re happy.

He treats me like his first priority every single day — and I’m doing my absolute best to give him as much as he has given me.