Live Blog: I Was Told A Spirit Tried To Communicate With Me At The Lemp Mansion — So I’m Going Back


Hello, friends and readers. If you’ll recall, back in March I stayed overnight alone in the infamously haunted Lemp Mansion. I didn’t feel that I encountered much (though the stay was amazing). Well, I recently reached out to The Closet Clairvoyant to see if she could get a ready on my stay. What she said was so incredible I decided I had to go back. This blog will be updated throughout the evening and, if you’d like, you can view live broadcasting via Periscope — just search for the user @megslice and follow along!

Latest Update

October 12, 3:31pm

Sorry for the late update. Just as before I had a terrible night of sleep although this time it was far worse. I got home around 9am and slept until 1:30pm. You never know how comfortable and quiet your own house is until you spend the night in one that’s haunted.

Though I made far more connections while I was awake this time — I contribute this to Amy being able to reach out for me — it seems that I make a lot of “friends” while I sleep.

I’ll be totally honest about what happened. First, as I got ready for bed, I chatted with Charles out loud to try to be a nice host. I didn’t turn the lights off all the way and tried to go to sleep. This was probably around 3am.

No dice, man. They don’t say that’s the most haunted room for no reason. The fireplace kept making sounds, like small rocks being thrown around. (I also felt like I couldn’t turn my back on it at any point.) The dressers creaked. There were knocks on all the furniture. Outside, in the room that made me so uncomfortable, there were at least 3 or 4 loud bangs.

Listen, I’m all about paranormal experiences, but it’s way different when you’re sleepy and alone and vulnerable. So I’ll admit it: I chickened out. I turned on the television and found a “Golden Girls” marathon. This calmed me down and drowned out a lot of the sounds.

Still didn’t help enough for me to go to sleep. I kept drifting off and when I would, I was literally JERKED awake — not like previously, which was really anything that could wake me because I’m such a light sleeper, but like my entire body would spasm HARD and I’d wake up. It was NOT pleasant and did NOT feel like a friendly connection.

In nicer news, I often sleep with one arm outstretched, palm up. Multiple times when I woke in a more normal way, it felt like there was a hand in mine, to the point where I’d instinctually squeeze only to close on air. Amy confirms this was Charles.

Then, guess what, my sleep paralysis decided to make a miraculous return after almost 2 years without it! For those who don’t know, sleep paralysis is where you feel awake/alert but your body is frozen and you can’t move. Sometimes you’ll hallucinate sights, sounds, smells, and even touch.

The first experience wasn’t so bad. I was on my left side, facing the door at the edge of the bed, eyes closed but alert. First, I smelled dog. Like, big dog, sweaty dog. Think Golden Retriever or Lab or something of similar size and temperament. Then I could hear it sort of nosing around my face, that kind of snuffling sound. It gave me a few licks and then went away. Amy also confirms this was Charles’ dog, who “doesn’t leave his side” and was rumored to be shot by Charles shortly before his own suicide.

When I was able to roll over, facing the fireplace, I opened my eyes. I know this sounds crazy but I swear it’s what happened.

There were about 4 pillows I wasn’t using. Out of one of them came a low voice. It was saying in a weird ranty cyclical way, looping over and over: “Oh yes you know we’re here we’re all here they put us here and you know about it don’t you feel bad now that you know because we’re here…” Not pausing or anything, just like a constant flow of words. Then, the scariest part — through one of the pillows, the one closest to me, came the ends of scissors. More like big heavy shears, actually. They were cutting through the pillowcase, around and around, but never actually cut through.

That was by far the most terrifying part. I had to force myself to wake up but it took a long time, at least five minutes. Those who have had sleep paralysis know how scary it is to be stuck in a situation like that and unable to get out.

Amy said this was Billy. That jerk. Just before I went to bed I apologized for what we’d said earlier and that I felt bad he felt misunderstood. And that’s how he repays me.

Both Amy and I are very drained today. We’re going to take a break and then reconnect at some point to go over data and compare notes. Make sure to check back soon.

October 11, 8:28pm

I am currently writing this from the Lemp Mansion. Investigations will start soon but I needed to give you some background on my experience.

When staying at the Lemp Mansion back in March, I didn’t think I got any paranormal activity. No unusual sounds, sights, or EVPs (that I knew of at the time with my limited technology). The only strange things that happened were overnight.

  • 1. I’m a very light sleeper; I woke up several times because I thought I felt a gentle touch on my calf and shoulder. Wrote this off to nerves.
  • 2. I woke up once because I thought I heard the piano in the room play a single note. I waited, didn’t hear anything else, and rolled back over. It plinked one more time — of this I’m sure.
  • 3. I had a recurring dream in which Charles Lemp (whose room I was staying in, where he killed himself) was standing at the foot of my bed, yelling at me to get out. Wrote this off to nerves as well.

I sent the Closet Clairvoyant (from here on out known as Amy) a link to my live blog and asked if she could read it for me and let me know if she got anything from it. Here’s what she had to say, specifically regarding my experiences overnight:

Your visit, there was a woman that was trying to connect with you. She was younger. Not a wife of any of these men. Maybe a sister? Was there a sister? She is the one who played the piano. She used to sit and play…she shows me an image of her slumped over the piano…her arm on the top of it…her forehead resting on top of her arm…as she played the piano with one hand….sad tune…just plucking at the key. In depression. She gently touched you…and also she is telling me she liked you in general…your hair and the way you dressed? She found a resonation with you in spirit. There is something about her death too. Feels too like she killed herself. It is hard for me to differentiate if she killed herself, or was just dead inside. She was truly, depressed and suppressed and treated badly by male figures in her family. I feel the one who was dark and evil…he had an unhealthy obsession with her. Was very possessive and controlling of her. She was scared of him.

This sounds uncannily like Elsa Lemp, the Lemp daughter who killed herself at age 37 after reconciling with her husband. It gave me chills to read this — it did feel like someone was trying to get my attention.

Regarding the Charles dream, and after I sent a photo of him:

The picture of the man you say is Charles, gives me goosebumps that is him. For sure. That was slowly driven mad by this entity. That is mind blowing to me the mental ailments that you say he had at the end. The answer to your question is it was not a stress dream you had. He was yelling at you. I am seeing it. He is confused. By anyone who stays in his room. He wants you out. Them out. He doesn’t understand why you are there…and this is why he was yelling at you. To “Get out young lady!” …that is what I hear him saying. Pointing his finger at you as he does it. I also see him in pajamas as he does it! Ha. Do you remember what he was wearing when he came to you in the dream? I see lighter, striped fancy pajamas. Don’t know why. He is just very confused. It also is sad. He doesn’t understand what is going on and who is in his house.

Here’s the crazy thing. I never told anyone about the fact that he was wearing pajamas. BUT HE WAS. Fancy white striped ones. This blows my mind. That, plus the information about Elsa trying to connect with me sealed the deal. See, even though she didn’t kill herself on the property, Elsa’s room is supposed to be the most haunted one in the house. So here I am, and throughout the night Amy is going to be FaceTiming and/or texting me to provide me with information about the spirits. She says that with me being here she can connect far easier (even though she doesn’t seem to have much trouble already!)

This morning, Amy sent this after I asked if someone visited me last night (we’ll address that later):

They all visited me last night. It was insane. So, yes, you did get visited. I want to tell you, and this is not to scare you in any way…but this whole thing is pretty gnarly and they like messing with people. I will explain that more later and the amazing things they showed last night as well. If you want to wait until tonight…so that can be part of the process? I have also received a lot about the Cherokee aspect of all of this. I have been nervous because in picking cards since yesterday, I am getting the answers of “not the right time…no…wait…” and when I ask if I have permission from the spirits and my guides to take part in this, I get the same cards. Over and over. Then I do some inner clearing work and praying…and then I pick cards and it says “yes, you are ready, helpful people, success”…and I pick those over and over again. It is two duel messages and I sense that there is a lot I need to do myself to prepare for this. With that said, you as well…and that is not to scare you. Just go in grounded and call in your guides and angels to surround you. They will make themselves known for you and you are going to get a lot of evidence.

Wow. I’m so ready. And to be honest, I was fine downstairs when I arrived. I was fine downstairs when I was eating dinner. As soon as I climb the stairs to the main part of the house, my heart pounds. I get dizzy. My throat goes dry. But the important thing to know is this: I’m not scared. It’s not nerves. It’s something I can’t control. Amy says they know I’m here and this is the effect they’re having on me.

I’m ready. Throughout the night, I will be updating (newer posts at the top) this blog and doing some live broadcasting via Periscope (username @megslice). Stay tuned!

October 11, 9:05pm

Well, my fairly new fully-charged with fresh batteries audio recorder isn’t working. So that’s swell. Amy said to expect some technological issues tonight. As long as the Macbook works I’m in business.

We’re prepping to FaceTime now, so tune into Periscope for the live footage! (I’ll upload the footage in the appropriate spots as the night progresses.)

October 11, 9:24pm

While trying to get a hold of Amy via FaceTime, I tried an EVP session. I may have already gotten an answer. These are best listened to with headphones as the answers can be very quiet.

October 11, 10:26pm

Amy and I have been plagued by technology issues for the past hour or so. She says it is, indeed, the spirits playing with us. Trying to drain us, frustrate us, keep us apart. We’re going to Facebook chat until we figure out video issues.

Periscope is hoppin’! Make sure you follow @megslice for video.

In the meantime, listen to the 1920s playlist I’ve got going for atmosphere and wait for the magic to happen.

October 11, 11:00pm

After giving up on video chat for a while, Amy and I have been messaging via Facebook. Here is what she had to say on the reason for the litany of suicides and darkness of the Lemp family:

There is most definitely a curse on the Lemp family directly tied to the home there. There was desecration when the [Cherokee] tunnels underneath were used for the business and brewery. Even more so with the Mansion built. The whole area. Numerous times this happened. With that, at first, I felt it was some form of entity…remember me saying that at the beginning…that the curse placed an entity of sorts that slowly drove each one of them mad and tied to the home.

In the way it was shown to me, this curse itself is the driving force. If you can imagine so much focus, so much pure driven energy, toward one goal. That goal alone was the curse of this family. I also got it was for several generations. Like an actual number was chosen…and it was to be on them, the living Lemps…until the last one died out. Male that is. It all has to do with the male lineage. With that, part of this curse is none of them, and I do mean none of them may cross over. They are all there. Even ones who did not die at the mansion. They all come back to it once they have passed and this is where they stay and remain.

I also received instruction not to try and change that. Not to try and help. This is way bigger than me or anyone to even try to change or free them. There needs to be a Shaman …someone who can come there and in a way, negotiate with the ancestors that placed this curse. That is what I see in my mind’s eye. An actual negotiation taking place from someone from this descent that can connect in respect with those ancestors and try to get them to budge. Have mercy. I am not qualified to do this, nor is it any of my business to even try. At least that is what I have been told. To stay out of it.

Also, this only concerns the actual family. Bloodline. Not wives. Not husbands. The curse does not touch people who come and stay there. It does not touch anyone but that family.

It needs to be explained. Not only for the Natives who feel they were desecrated and disrespected…but also for the family, who has had so much tragedy and darkness. It is a very sad reality. It also helps us to understand more about the power of the ancestors…curses on lands and people involving that. I believe with my heart that these things can be lifted. It just takes the right spiritual guide/leader that knows what they are doing and that has the ear and respect of those ancestors.

So that covers why and how these spirits may be trapped here. We’ll go on to the family next.

Anomalies so far include my Periscope video cutting out and losing seconds of footage and the possible whisper of my name (which may not have happened but sure as shit sounded like it).

October 11, 11:52pm

Amy and I just did a long Skype call. I took her around the room and we talked about some minor things. Then, we went to the worst part of the house — for me, anyway — which is just a small part outside of my room, down the hall of the attic.

It’s just a little room, a sink, a bathroom, a small table, and sort of cubbyholes covered with curtains. I don’t like the cubbyholes. They scare me.

Every time I go in that room — EVERY TIME — I get nauseous and lightheaded. When I took Amy in there with me, she felt the same thing. We began talking about the room and she said she definitely felt a dark entity there. I went on to explain that Zeke, the Monkey-Faced Boy, was supposedly kept in the attic, and IMMEDIATELY her video froze. I could still hear her but not see her. She couldn’t hear or see me.

When I went back to my room, this fixed things.

We went back to do a Periscope session there and I experienced the same feelings. Add to that a sudden crippling back pain that still hasn’t gone away.

Amy explained she sees a woman, not related to the Lemps, who was forced to play a sadistic game of hide-and-seek with a man in the house. He would give her a time limit and tell her to run and hide. When he found her, she’d be beaten mercilessly — no sexual abuse, just violence.

I’m taking a small break and then we’re at it again.

October 12, 12:50am

Amy said we were going to reach out to Billy (William Lemp Jr.) first because he had the most to say and he was “pushing others out of the way”. She proceeded to tell me that though he supposedly killed himself in the dining room, she sees that he was actually murdered in order to be removed from the business. She believes he was “too narcissistic to leave this world that way”.

However she thinks that made him angry. He began chattering with her that he was “misunderstood”, that he did the things he did and had the reputation he had because he had to protect the family and the business. But it just made him enemies, including in the members of his own family.

When we asked him to show that he was here, not once — but TWICE — Amy’s fully-charged phone died and she was disconnected from Skype, leaving me alone in the room where Billy died. My back began hurting again and it still hurts.

I have gone back to my room to wait until Amy can contact me again. I think I need to lie down for a while.

October 12, 1:33am

Before she signed off for the night, Amy and I did a long session with Charles down in his the room where he killed himself. I mentioned earlier that I asked Amy if I was visited last night — that was the only thing I asked/told her. She responded yes, that it had been Charles.

Here is why this is important.

Before telling her anything else, I asked her to tune in with Charles to see if she could sense anything from him. If you recall, last time we “met” he was standing at the foot of my bed screaming at me to get out, so I didn’t think we were on very good terms.

You’ll imagine my surprise when she smiled and said she thought he was “sweet on me”, which confused him because he was so mad about the last time. Amy said he now had a fondness for me, partially because I’m his “type” but also because I could see him and he knew I was coming today.

She went on to say he was there, in the room with me. At some point we heard three fairly loud knocks on the dresser to my left. That wall goes to the outside, it’s not connected to a room.

Amy also said she had a vision of him watching me sleep, then taking off his pants and getting into bed with me. She said it was funny but not sexual, more like he just wanted to be close. He was also confused because the bed is now missing from his room in the mansion (it’s an open room rather than a suite now) and that the last time he saw me I was in his bed so it just made sense.

I asked if there was anything else; she just said yes, he was very sweet on me, and he showed up for almost like a “cuddle visit”.

I told this to no one but my husband and my boss, Chrissy. This is what happened last night:

I woke up to someone stroking my face very gently, very deliberately. First my left cheek, then my right, then down my nose. I didn’t open my eyes because I was 100% sure it was my husband, and maybe we were about to do some sexytimes. When it stopped, I assumed he went back to sleep. So I said, “You’re a nice boy,” rolled over, and went back to sleep. When I woke up this morning I kissed my husband and said it was nice of him to do such a sweet gesture. He said what? I said the face-petting. He said nope, he was out cold — he’d come back from a gathering with friends and was a little tipsy.

There is no way or reason for Amy to assume that A) out of all the spirits here, the one who visited me was Charles; B) that the visit was of an intimate nature; C) to use the words “sweet on you”, “cuddle visit”, “in bed with you”.

When we attempted to connect with Charles, I asked him “Did you visit me last night because they moved your bed?” to which both Amy and I heard an audible “mhmm”.

Before she went, I asked her to ask Charles if there was anything I could do to make him feel better since he was in such a state of confusion. She closed her eyes, smiled, and said “He’d like you to give him permission to spend the night with you — but he promises to be a perfect gentleman.”

I (of course) obliged. When I did, she smiled again and said “Yeah, he really likes you, but it’s more sweet than anything. You have nothing to worry about.”

Shortly after she signed off, I said aloud, “So it’s gonna be you and me tonight, Charles?”

I shit you not, the overhead light flickered — both audibly and visually.

I’m going to give my electronics some rest and do some personal work. I’ll probably Periscope one more time and then hit the hay. Charles, you better keep your hands to yourself, I’m a married woman.