Live Like You Give A Damn, For God’s Sake


I am so sick of this generation’s mentality that being completely apathetic [i.e.”not giving any fucks”] is something to be proud of and that isolating yourself from any feelings is beautiful. 

Believe me — I understand where this motto stems from. It’s basically saying don’t let anyone hinder what you want to achieve and who you want to become. I am totally behind the idea that you should be your own person and take other’s opinions of you with a grain of salt. The problem, however, is that somewhere along the line the message somehow got skewed. It went from being an empowering, bold statement of independence to something that represents a stoic, uninterested mindset.

This lethargy is just a facade for our cowardice. 

If we broadcast to the world that we “give zero fucks”, we will never be pushed to achieve anything great. We will waste our potential to grow and learn. All of a sudden you are going to wake up and you’re going to be 50 years old and you’re going to wonder where half of your life went. Don’t you remember? You just didn’t give a fuck. 

This is what will really blow your mind: The only people who don’t give a shit are constipated.

You do give a fuck. Chances are you give lots of fucks. We need to stop hiding from ourselves in fear of being vulnerable. Strength is not shutting yourself off from the world by pretending to have this impenetrable cellophane seal that protects against feelings. Strength is changing the world with that same vulnerability instead of protecting yourself from it. 

I want us all to stop “giving no fucks”. Instead, I want us to give lots of fucks. Tons of them. Lets be prostitutes of feelings. Okay that may be a little far, but I think on a scale of zero fucks to tons, we should be somewhere in the middle. Medium fucks. Put everything you have into whatever you do and whomever you care about- you owe it to yourself and the world around you. 

Live like you give a damn, for God’s sake.