‘Living My Life Faster’ Revisited: 8 Years in Under Two Minutes



It’s not easy to maintain a photo project for a short amount of time, let alone 8 to 10 years. I was reminded of the meticulous dedication necessary for such an idea after watching Birth to 10 Years in 90 Seconds over at BuzzFeed. In the video, we see the stop-motion life of a young girl named Natalie, from birth to age 10. It’s fairly compelling, but for whatever reason, left me unsatisfied. After watching the video, I couldn’t help being reminded of JK Keller‘s monumental daily photo project dubbed The Adaption to My Generation. Everyday for eight years Keller photographed himself. He maintained the same pose and positioning in each photo. His patience and dedication were almost clinical. As a result, the progression is enthralling, the aging process taking place in rapid visual procession.

Keller’s timelapse video comp of his photo project, Living My Life Faster (above), spread like fire across the Internet before viral became a marketing objective — when idle fascination was less engineered. There’s something genuine about Keller’s project that keeps my attention. Maybe it’s the fact that he executed it with no implicit payoff in mind, just the idea that it might be interesting to pursue. Or maybe that’s just nostalgia talking.

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