Living With No Regrets Is Just A Phrase People Who Make A Lot Of Mistakes Like To Say


The phrase provides us comfort; it makes us feel better about the things we think we regret, so that we can deny the things we actually do. We’d all love to truly live with no regrets, but the fact of the matter is, if you’re saying you don’t regret it, chances are a small part of you does.

I don’t regret never saying goodbye. I don’t regret letting him in. I don’t regret mistaking my own happiness for his.

What else do you not regret?

It’s sort of ironic that it’s a verb we use in the present to describe choices we made in our past. Hell, we might even use it to describe our future, “I know I’ll regret this in the morning,” but in whatever tense we use it, we still can’t go back and change what has already happened. So why does this terrible word even exist?

Maybe it exists to keep us all humble, to remind us that we all make mistakes. Or maybe it keeps us in denial, to simply justify the wrongs that we’ll never be able to make right.

You don’t necessarily need to live life with no regrets, you just need to own up to all the shit that’s happened to you, accept it, and move on. You should feel free to regret whatever you choose, but don’t allow those regrets to hinder your future, allow them to help you grow.

Regrets might reflect the weakness of your past, but they have the power to make your future strong.