Loneliness No Longer Has A Place In My Life


Just like that, I turned the word “lonely” into a determined woman who no longer perseverates on her fears and doubts but uses it as gas to ignite her passions. You see, loneliness can look different for everyone, and in my opinion is the catalyst for addictions, depression, anger, violence, self-loathing, and self-harm. You could be in a loving and fulfilling relationship but feel lonely. You could be in a room surrounded by people but feel lonely. You could be at an extravagant beach resort with all the material possessions but feel lonely.

Life is about having connections to others, and when you lack those connections, you feel lonely. When you are in a happy, blissful marriage but feel lonely, your spouse starts to feel like a failure or like they’re not enough, but in fact, you may just be missing friendships that have nothing to do with them. When you are in a crowded room full of fun and exciting people, but you feel lonely, you are missing that intimate connection with a partner. When you have every material possession at your fingertips but feel lonely, you are missing that connection to self.

Loneliness is a taboo word that people dance around, mask with addictions, and make temporary comfort in other people or things, but happiness comes in finding our true selves. As a society, we feel undeserving, not confident in our abilities, and polarized and restrained by rules and limitations. What if today you sat down, put pen to paper, and wrote down all the passions you desire in life and—humor me for a minute—BELIEVED that they were possible to achieve? What if you allowed your mind to go to that mystical place of dreams coming true and lived in that knowledge? I’m not saying live in a delusional state—accept what is, but BELIEVE in your heart’s desire.

As corny as this sounds, love is the cure for every circumstance in this world and your life. When you see people in love and wonder how everything else in their life starts to align and great things happen for them, it’s because they are in a positive state to receive, and the trajectory momentum of that reflects that feeling.

I’ve spent so much of my life trying to please others, always giving more than I was receiving, feeling insecure about every part of me, and then wondering why I would lose love, not have that high paying job, and get used by people. Right now, I decided to get focused and get clear on things that make me feel good, things that make me smile, because I have a smile that lights up a room, damn it!

Right now, I’m taking pen to paper and writing out my innermost desires as if they are in my grasp, because feeling lonely is a waste of time and feeling great is exhilarating. Right now, I decided that loneliness no longer has a place in my life because I AM a powerful creator, I AM a sexy goddess, I AM intelligent, I AM creative, and I AM a magnet for love. Why not believe, why not focus, why not be clear and concise, why not fall in love with your life right now? Just like that, I turned the word “lonely” into a determined woman who no longer perseverates on her fears and doubts but uses it as gas to ignite her fucking passions.