Long Distance Showed Me How Strong We Are


When we got together, we never thought that it would become a long distance relationship. It was hard to watch you move away, especially during our first month of being together. They call it the honeymoon phase, and rightfully so, because you were constantly on my mind. I didn’t want to spend a second away from you. But when life threw us into this situation, a difficult choice had to be made, and you had to leave for a country far, far away.

These years haven’t been easy. Sometimes I think about how it would have been if we were in the same city, meeting up whenever we want, making sudden plans for a cup of coffee and long drives on a mild starry night. It all seems like a dream that I wish would come true. Before going to sleep, I go through our photos and relive all the moments that we spent together. I wish I could replay them for real as well. In all these years, whenever I booked my flight to come and see you, the frenzy was incomprehensible. I just wanted to fast forward time so that I could see you and hug you.

There’s one positive thing about long distance. It’s the fact that I knew we were willing to go the extra mile for each other. It made me realize that you would never give up on us, no matter what. All the difficult times when it was easier to just let go than to hold on, you held on to me. Going through those hard times together, even though we were miles apart, made us grow even stronger together. The fact that we didn’t talk all the time, gave each other space, and understood when the other was busy made me satisfied to know we were in a practical and adult relationship.

You handled all my frustration, second-guessing, possessiveness, and jealousy in a relaxed and positive way. You comforted me when I was probably at my worst. I learned how to manage our long distance conflicts by staying calm, taking a moment, and then realizing how much you meant to me. I want to thank you for teaching me so much positivity in all these years.

I send positive vibes to whoever reads this and I pray that you become stronger and closer in your relationships.